French Bloggers, Zeal and a Resumption

By on October 30, 2017

A few years ago I had the drive few other humans had. I had the passion, zeal and focus to pursue a career in blogging it was like I was high on a drug. Not too many Ugandans could boast of having made any substantial money from blogging but I figured, what the hell, there is no crime in giving it a shot. Besides, making money was the last thing on my list of possibilities for the blog. I religiously updated my blog every Monday, giving it life and in turn, it gave me life. It gave me purpose and occasionally it gave me sleepless nights – especially on Mondays when I would be running late with the blog. Many of my friends threatened to hack me to death if I ever went one Monday without putting up a blog. And this focus curved out the beast in me, it made me think on my feet and it made me create. Everywhere I went, I saw content for the blog. And every blog I wrote, I felt the urge to write another.

With time, people started to actually pay attention and along the way I won a few awards here and there, mostly for consistency; some as little as an award from my now ex girlfriend calling me ‘The Most Dedicated Blogger of all time’ and some as big as the Uganda Social Media Awards for Blogger of the year.

Somehow, life happened. I got busy (As we lazy people like to say when we want to get out of certain commitments) and I must have put my foot on the brakes for a little while. And then people started to forget that I was even a blogger. I would meet people and they would swear they had never read my blog and did not even know who the hell I was – and it did not bother me one single bit. Not that I expected anyone other than my friends and family to know about my passion but when you blog consistently for nearly two years, you start to think that perhaps a few friends might have told other people about your blog. Now I was meeting folks to whom I did not seem like a person who could construct any more than two well written statements.

Try and fail

The rubbishing of ideas has been very common here. 

I swallowed all this bashing, fully aware that my laziness was devouring me like a politician devouring Government funds – without fear or favour. Eventually, my failure to continue blogging every Monday was doing me more harm than good. I would blog once or twice every month, go back to my little hiding place and complain about my already small fanbase that was dwindling faster than Kale Kayihura is losing friends in the public domain.

Just last week, I met some French speaking bloggers who were in the country for a few days. They were here to source for stories while polishing their craft storytelling craft. These guys and girls from across Africa displayed a passion for blogging that just made me nostalgic. It made me think of the good old days when Monday was my busiest yet favourite day because I knew I had a blog to churn out. Granted the French Speaking Bloggers and I needed translators every now and again but I got the feeling that they were as passionate about their craft as I had been a few years ago.

(I will be sharing my experience with the French Bloggers and I might throw in a French word or two in the next several weeks. Forgive me in advance; I just fell in love with the French language and I think I will marry me a French woman.)

Anyway, we moved around Kampala meeting and talking to BanaKampala as we sourced for stories. At the end of it all, as we were putting our minds together for the day’s events, it emerged that some of these guys had developed profound respect for Ugandan bloggers. There is a general perception that Bloggers in Uganda are pretty cool and we know a lot more than most. And there is the general impression that we live in a society that considers blogging as an actually valuable form of expression, communication and sharing of ideas.


Anyway, as the discussion carried on, challenges started presenting themselves, along with opportunities. Ugandan bloggers are an awesome lot of people. Everyone who belongs to the Uganda Blogging Community has a level of awesomeness they and only they can master. And as a member of the community who has in the recent past taken a back seat to the blogging affair, it makes me smile that there are many wonderful bloggers taking up blogging with passion, zeal and focus.

As much as I might have spread my wings to go over and above blogging and venture into Content Creation and Digital Marketing as a whole, I still feel like my anchor in blogging is strong and for that matter, it is likely I will be resuming my relentless blogging. There might not be too many people tagged when the blog post is shared (as there used to be in the past) but there is a certain level of assurance that there will be a blog every Monday at least until the year ends. I was going to pledge to blog until the current regime changes but I have been advised to set reasonable standards.


While I am confident that this decision is mostly arrived at based on sentimental and nostalgic reasons, I am sure I will see it through – So Help me God.

“My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask.” ― Sebastyne Young

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