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By on July 16, 2021

While growing up, there was a level of certainty regarding the brands we held close to our hearts. The drinks we took, the TV stations we watched, the clothes we wore, and even the bread we ate were of specific brands. This, for many people, is why there is a lot of loyalty to specific brands – they make their way into your life when you are young and as you grow you find no reason to want to try anything else. However, thanks to a world that is progressing faster than ever before, there are now more brands available to us, and one can very easily opt for an alternative to what might be commonly available. Many newer and better brands have hit the market and our options have become more varied. One can now be certain that for every product one sees on a shelf somewhere, in a store somewhere or out in the public, there are several others that can match it for price and quality. We are lucky to live in a time when there is a diversity of brands like never before.

On 1st June 2021, when Jean-Christian Bergeron, the Group Managing Director of RUBiS Energy East Africa officially launched RUBiS Energy Uganda, there was a sense of promise that filled the air, not just in the RUBiS Uganda circles but across the energy sector. 

In any market, for a new entrant to be taken seriously, there must be boss moves that are made otherwise, they risk being shoved aside by the competition and by everyone in general. During the launch of RUBiS Energy Uganda, when the MD mentioned that RUBiS Energy would be taking over all Kenol Kobil and Delta Fuel Stations in the country, it became clear that the boss move had been made. With a network of well over 54 fuel stations covering the whole country, the two stations will now be taken over by RUBiS Energy Uganda with the aim of making a mark as one of the finest providers of fuel in Uganda.

One of the reasons people drive into fuel stations is the shopping experience. People who are regular drivers are aware that many times when you drive into a fuel station, while your car is getting refilled or being looked at by the mechanics, you might need to do some shopping. For this reason, RUBiS has dedicated itself to setting up an unrivaled state-of-the-art convenience store brand, RUBiS Express, which is designed to provide quality shopping on the go. The idea is to make sure that every time someone drives into a RUBiS fuel station, they don’t just cater to the needs of their car but to their own needs as a person. And so as the car is receiving an upgrade at the well-equipped service bay, the driver and passengers could be doing their shopping at RUBiS Express. 

Obviously, since the entire world is going through a period of crowd avoidance, and limited contact with other persons due to COVID 19, the issue of cashless payments is one that is very paramount at RUBiS. The world currently is in an era where, even without the pandemic, there is an increased need to make payments cashless. Owing to the fact that most people prefer the convenience and would rather not carry wads of cash around, driving into a RUBiS station will not require one to have wads of cash. In fact, people are encouraged to stick to cashless payments so as to limit the level of interaction between individuals. Some of the cashless options provided by RUBiS include but are not limited to VISA, Momo Pay, Airtel Pay, ICEA Insurance, and PAYWAY. 

The importance of cashless payments coupled with the desire to give customers unmatched convenience, RUBiS has put in place a fuel card. Convenience is a very important thing for drivers – the ability to control your fuel needs without having to worry about unnecessary detail is something many car owners live for. The RUBiS card comes in handy for such services. Now, one can use the RUBiS card to pay for services at the various retail outlets. This alone will help drivers to manage and control their fuelling needs and even better with the RUBiS card you get 50shs off every liter.

For the most part, it can be agreed that this lockdown, especially in the case of Uganda, is one that has presented several challenges. One of the challenges, since people can not entirely move freely, is cooking gas. Yes, there are fuel stations almost at every turn. However, some of these stations might not necessarily have the quality of gas that one is looking for. Even if they did, there is the burden of transportation and affordability. RUBiS seems to have foreseen the potential challenges here and have K-Gas Free Home Delivery. Here, all one has to do is call Toll-Free Number 0800 394 949, order for K-Gas Refill or new cylinder and enjoy free delivery. Services such show the convenience RUBiS gives its customers.

As a country, Uganda is on the path to focus on an improved and better quality of life for Ugandans. RUBiS Energy has dedicated itself to this cause by substantially investing in the area of development of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), a clean and affordable energy source. As an alternative, LPG burns more cleanly than the usual higher molecule weight hydrocarbons that we are used to and it releases much fewer particulates which ultimately are a danger to the atmosphere. And so, RUBiS is not only committed to offering Ugandans quality services and products but also making sure they better their quality of life in terms of environmental awareness.

At the moment, the plan by RUBiS Energy is to invest upwards of US $25 Million in the rebranding of all the Kobil and Delta stations across the country. This means they are committed to making each and every RUBiS station across the country live up to a certain standard. The French multinational company that has its wings spread across Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa is keen to present itself as a viable energy option not just to the ordinary Ugandans but also as a viable partner in the sectors of industry, agriculture, aviation, and road infrastructure. 

As we struggle with the pandemic and think about how to keep ourselves, our homes, and our business afloat, it is important to think about the potential partners we should embrace. RUBiS has presented itself as one of the potential partners. 

“I mean, if the relationship can’t survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?”― Nicholas Sparks

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