A Fuelled December

By on December 20, 2021

As the sun begins to set on what has been a rather forgettable year for many, it has become apparent that a return to normalcy or anything closely related to how life used to be will take a while. We all seemed to admit that the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown(s) changed a lot about how we live our lives. 

That being said, there are so many things that might not entirely change, no matter how many pandemics we go through. The sun shall always rise in the East and set in the West, women will always expect men to kneel when proposing and December will always be a month of sheer madness. At the beginning of this month of December, it momentarily appeared that people were relaxed, unbothered, nonchalant even, that the year was/is coming to an end. And some had planned to simply let the month slide away unnoticed like all other months before. 

But the gods of December have never been the kind to sit back and let people go through December without any sort of madness. And therefore as the days wore on, the euphoria and excitement started to kick in. It has now reached a fever peak that not even the pending threat of the Omicron Variant of COVID 19 can hold us back. 

Many people have made plans to travel upcountry, having been advised not to travel last year and the year before. Traditionally, this has been a month of extreme confusion. Prices of items are never normal, everything goes through the roof, transport fares become exorbitant, theft and robberies hit their yearly climax and people rush to tick boxes from the year’s resolution list. Because of the rush to fulfill New Year’s Resolutions, there are more weddings in December than in any other month.

It’s New Year Resolution Fulfilment Season

For those planning to travel upcountry, the routine will pretty much be the same – struggle to look for the money for transport, cram yourself in a car with several other overly anxious travelers and pay through the nose to go see your kinfolk. There will obviously be a select few who will have private means with which to travel. Those shall not be saved from digging very deep into their pockets to finance their travel plans. For this lot specifically, the price of fuel will most likely be a horror story of sorts. For some strange reason, this year, December has come around at a time when fuel prices have decided to rip through the roof and head skywards. Fuel prices are so high it’s like they are on some potent herb.

Naturally, saving up on fuel is something everyone must have at their fingertips. And therefore if you are planning to travel upcountry, before you drive into any fuel station to fill up, bear in mind a few things. First off, you need to fuel up at a station that will give you value for money. Many drivers have suffered in the past after driving into fuel stations to fill up, only to have ‘air’ pumped into their cars or to have to refill not so long after because the fuel consumption seems to be wild. Secondly, you have to make sure you are treating your car to the right kind of fuel. If your car is vegetarian, you obviously don’t want to shove chunks of meat down its throat.

You gotta be careful.

A few weeks ago, RUBiS Energy Uganda launched a groundbreaking innovation called RUBiS Ultra Tec Fuel which, according to the guys at RUBiS, is available in both Petrol and Diesel. The innovation is basically a high-quality fuel product that improves the performance of a car and also saves money along the way. This means when you fuel with this RUBiS Ultra Tec Fuel, you are bound to get not just value for money but also quality fuel. 

Available in all RUBiS, Kobil and Delta stations countrywide, the Ultra Tec Fuel works in such a way that it thoroughly and fully rids the engine of dirt build-up, leading to improved power and acceleration with fewer emissions. The fuel also enhances maximum fuel combustion, prevents smoking, and protects the vehicle against fuel system corrosion. UltraTec Diesel also has anti-foaming properties that ensure an actual full tank giving customers value for money. At the end of the day, anyone who drives into a RUBiS, Kobil or Delta station and puts Ultra Tec fuel in their car is guaranteed better quality fuel that will be kind to the car and the wallet. 

When you drive into a RUBiS Energy Uganda fuel station, you should ask them about the Ultra Tec Fuel.

At the moment, fuel prices seem to be heading for the skies, just like prices of so many other things. As we wait for the powers that be to give us some kind of explanation as to why things are the way they are, we shall try as much as possible to live within our means, prioritize expenses and make sure we save whenever we can. And while at it, we shall treat our cars, our wallets, and the environment better by having the right kind of fuel for our cars.

As you travel for the festive season, be sure to have a great time, remember that as soon as January arrives, we have the small matter of schools re-opening so maybe don’t finish all the money just yet. And be aware that there is that threat of the Omicron variant of COVID 19. Stay safe, stay alive, and see you in 2022.

“December. A desperate celebration of an end.”― Chandrama Deshmukh

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