Women are so much better!

By on September 12, 2016

This is not a post about feminism or anti-feminism or any such volatile subjects. So if you have come with daggers, swords and witchcraft intended for me, throw them away. This is a blog post about my experience with one specific woman who has somewhat opened my eyes to a harsh reality I have known but quietly ignore.

Women are so much better at almost everything.

I know men have certain advantages like size, strength and societal favour but I will admit that women are way ahead of us in so many departments it is not even funny any more.

This morning as I was walking around Nairobi, I experienced something that got me thinking that perhaps we need to re-think some of these societal roles that we have accorded people.

As of 9am this morning, there were fewer people in Nairobi than usual. The city is quieter than it often is on Monday. It is calm, peaceful and almost empty. There has been talk of Matatus cutting their prices to rates never heard or seen before. People are practically moving for free! It probably has something to do with the Eid holiday.

Anyway, seeing as I was out to gallivant and generally ‘kill time’ as I waited for my 11am appointment in the city, I figured there was no harm in moving around aimlessly.

Amidst this aimless wander, I stumbled into a Kinyozi (Hair salon) and decided to touch up my already neat and tidy head. Even as a bald person, I visit the barber almost once every week. Don’t ask what the barber does to my hairless head; just know that I am regular at the barbers’.

At the Kinyozi, I met the first female barber I have ever come across. (My research has not yet directed me towards a specific title for such ladies) I know many folks have met these female barbers but I have not been lucky enough – until today. I don’t know if there are more of them in Nairobi or even in Kampala but I would like to think that this is some cool stuff and I would like to see more of these ladies.

The manner in which these ladies handle their craft is something special. True, male barbers seem to have a way they go about their stuff and they make you even forget that they are men touching your head. However, female barbers are the real game changers. I don’t think I can do the work that lady did on me any justice in terms of description but I can confidently say that in all the years I have been to barbers, there are few who would qualify to receive a five star from me. This lady is now one of them.

You should have seen my village excitement when I realised that the same lady ushering me in would eventually be the one to work on me. The woman was as professional as they come and was not having any of my rural excitement as she calmly went about her business of making me look like a superstar.

Up until the time she got the machine running, I kept thinking she was going to hand over to some fella with rough hands, a funny hair cut and sharp pointed shoes to do the work. When eventually she began doing her thing, I slowly sunk into a world of awesomeness and near tranquility. Whether it was her rather soft fingers or the Kikuyu music that played in the background, I don’t really know. All I know is today I just had the most awesome experience at a Kinyozi.

Needless to say, when she was done with me and I had walked out of the Kinyozi, I was feeling some type of way. I was feeling the same way Samson felt when Delilah had cut off his hair – powerless, but handsome. The same way Jesus felt when Mary cleaned his feet with perfume – confused but fragrant.

I had lost my bearings and a good part of my brain was non-functional. I must have circled one or two streets several times because my brain cells were still frozen. My head was clean, literally. It is like the lady had wiped away everything and given me a clean slate to begin with. It felt lighter, shinier, neater and more rounded. I think the woman even shaped my head in the process!

I will say this here and now – can we have some more female barbers please?

I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been. —William Golding

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