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By on November 3, 2014

Uganda is one of those blessed countries where the population never keeps quiet when they feel like they are being oppressed or pushed against the wall. A lot of noise will be made, complaints hurled about, condemnation shared, political parties and associations formed and there will be quite substantial outcry when people feel marginalized in any way. Whether or not the concerned parties actually listen is a different story but it can be said with certainty that Ugandans are not shy when it comes to voicing their grievances. Very recently I was reading an extremely passionate and deeply emotional complaint that was lodged by a recent University graduate. He was complaining about the same thing that several other thousands of his colleagues have complained about over the years – unemployment. I am not at liberty to give details of where and when the complaint featured because for starters, I despise the publication in which it appeared. Secondly, this blog post is to talk about what is on my mind, not what is on an unemployed graduate’s mind.

That said, I feel like sometimes we get so lost in the blame game so much that we forget to actually carry our own crosses. And so even in the case of unemployement there is a lot of finger pointing but there has got to be a few questions asked of the person doing the finger pointing too.

Anyway, the complaint was mostly attacking corporate companies for not hiring fresh graduates. From what I gathered, it seemed like these companies are more intent on hiring older and more experienced people as opposed to fresh graduates who are untested. As much as some of the complainant’s points were valid, I thought I would weigh in a little on the subject and try to understand why exactly the big companies do not hire fresh graduates as much as they used to. I therefore set out on a mission to do a bit of research and below are the conclusions that my research uncovered about why many corporate companies ignore the begging and pleading of fresh graduates for employment.

It is 2014 and not 1984

Thirty years ago, there were as many graduates as there were job openings. This meant that as you approached the final semester of whatever course you were doing, you would almost certainly be assured of a job. Even as you attended your graduation party, you would probably have 2 or 3 job letter offers lying around somewhere in the pile of paperwork from your last semester exams. All you had to do was enjoy your graduation party, sober up, freshen up and walk straight to your new job. Everything seemed quite set for you. Today, the situation is a little …scratch that … extremely different. Apart from the fact that there are more graduates than the job market can manage, most of these graduates are actually half baked. And by half baked I don’t mean they did not get their fair share of skin tans while at the University. What I mean is that they are probably more interested in how much the job will pay as opposed to whether they can actually execute it. So the result is a long list of people lining up for a certain job not because they can do the work but because the pay is attractive. I have personally walked away from certain jobs that would otherwise pay top dollar not because I am filthy rich; heck I am a church mouse masquerading as a human being. The thing is, unless I am certain that I can do a certain task 100%, I would rather not take on it. That way I do not have to suffer any embarrassment or guilt arising from failure to do something that you said you would do.

Help Your Cause, Don’t Fight Against it

More often than not, the young people of today are busy lowering their chances of getting employment by the lifestyles they lead and the things they do. When you meet a young person today, you are likely to be shocked into a state of numbness owing to the way they carry themselves around. Aside from the fact that they act totally maturely incompetent, there is the issue that they are usually caught up in far-from-worthwhile way of life. If they are not stuck in discussions about Iggy Azalea and the One Directioners, then it is probably about how many followers one has on Instagram or Twitter. Not that there is any problem with that but it would be wise to engage oneself in a few discussions about the GDP, Political atmosphere and a few social causes just so you can get your mind engaged in intellectual conversation.

Avail Yourself to the Employers

I have mentioned this on a Blog Post elsewhere and I will mention it again; while employers are on the hunt for employees who are worthwhile, the potential employees should also avail themselves and be on cue for whenever there is an opening. The problem with a good number of young people today is that we are so busy waiting for good things to come to us so much that we have gotten stuck in unemployment and somehow we are getting comfortable with it. And then we are turning around and making so much noise about how the Government is not offering us jobs. It might come as a shock to some but the Government is actually not supposed to offer jobs per se. The Government is basically meant to create the right atmosphere for the job market to thrive. Now while there are several short comings on the side of the Government, we do not help our cause as young people. We are stuck with the blame game and we are not bothered to actually put in the work and create these jobs. You are not unemployed because the Government is not offering jobs.

Make your contribution count

A great man once called on human beings not to expect much from their Governments but rather prepare to do quite a lot for their Governments. Before I can say for sure that our Government even deserves half our contribution, I would like to encourage young people to create some kind of well thought out plan about how they hope to benefit not just themselves but even those around them. This way, one will work towards their goals inspite of and despite everything that surrounds them.

I am no prophet or seer but I am sure that if the young people do not become more involved and they do not improve their methods and strategies for existence they will be stuck in the blame game which as we all know never yields anything other than frustration

“Always be smarter than the people who hire you.”  ― Lena Horne

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