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By on December 8, 2014

Power can generally be defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events. If someone or something has the ability to hold you hostage and render you utterly motionless in whatever way then they probably have substantial power over you. While argument might switch to the different forms of power, we can generally accept that the SI Unit of Power is pretty much the same – it can make you cancel your plans (against your will) and it makes you take on entirely random things.

With this description of power, I’d like to attempt to identify a few instances where this animal called power can be seen and felt. While we all view power differently, we can all agree that some instances of power are universally effective. Irrespective of what anyone else will say, I know several people who deserve the title of powerful.

I shall go ahead to mention some of these powerful people.

Side Chics

Let’s not even begin to pretend that side chics aren’t powerful or do not matter in relationships. Side chics are actually the reason many relationships have stayed the course and held steady for a while. You see, in any relationship, there is always a third unseen and often unheard party who makes sure that the main chic remains unbothered. This side chic usually knows all the nasty secrets of a man and is able to hold him by his tennis balls so as to get whatever she wants from him. Most side chics will put to the sword whatever other chics might want to show up and will literally shed blood for a guy just to keep his reputation intact. The standard side chic is logical, calculative and abnormally powerful. Men who have these side chics know that any second they can be taken ransom and so they treat these side-lings with caution. When the side chic decides to bring you down, there is very little the main chic can do – other than hold your hand as you go down. The true side chic knows her power and never really wields it around aimlessly. She occasionally reminds you that you are in her clutch but never ever lets you out. That is true power.

A-Side-ChickSide Chics have power!

African Leaders

There is this very popularly shared quote that people spread around … something about power belonging to the people. Unless anyone is an African leader, they have no power whatsoever. An African leader is the true embodiment of power; ruthless, hungry for more and filled with megalomaniac tendencies. If you attempt to as much as tell him that he is wearing the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, you might get a whooping of a lifetime. There is something that usually happens to a person when he gets into power. He becomes someone entirely different and most of the time you can barely understand him. Occasionally bits and pieces of him will surface and you might even almost understand his position, especially since you are African too. Along the way though, he will spiral out of control and become an iron-arm-wielding bloke who grew up keen to make up for his lack of parental love by squeezing his countrymen to the wall. African leaders make it seem like they are born of power and therefore must die of power which is unfortunate because it makes all those around them imagine that leadership is all about power. They say power corrupts but I think it only corrupts those who are originally wired to be corrupted.


African leaders don’t fool around

Newborn babies

These little fellas have so much power but they don’t even know it. Very few things are as disturbing as a newborn baby’s cry in the middle of the night. When a baby has just been born, any sound they make is of utmost importance. Whether it is a fart, a shriek in the wee hours or an innocent laugh, the parents are usually forced to constantly keep a keen eye and ear to the life proceedings of the little fella. When a baby begins to grow, there comes a time when the power they wield begins to reduce because the parents have somewhat figured out the routine and know how to deal with it. The older babies grow, the less power they have and at some point, they become so powerless that they get shipped off to boarding school with or without their will / consent.

Yawning babyA Powerful yawn!

Telecom Companies

In this world that is ruled by technology, there can only be so many players as powerful as telecom companies. These guys can literally screw with you and get away with it. True, there will be a few screams here and a few shouts there but at the end of the day when you need to make that phonecall at 3:24 am, you run back to them for redemption. Personally I have decided to be the most treacherous person when it comes to Telecom companies. If I feel like someone is giving me a raw deal, I up and leave; after all, there are increasingly more Telecom companies offering similar services. However, the vast majority of people I know are bound and held down by strange loyalties so much that they will pay through the nose for crappy services, complain all day and then go back to the same damn network. That right there is what I call power. You will complain all day, make all the noise you possibly can, but then go back to the same woman who denied you sex the previous day. Power!

PhoneTypical instrument of power


Say what you will about Pastors but these guys wield more power than we care to admit. In many churches, pastors are actually more powerful than Jesus, the person whose Gospel they claim to preach. A pastor will tell his flock to give in all their possession and be counted as entrants into the Kingdom of the most high. And then they will go ahead to purchase and flaunt the finest cars, wear the most expensive suits and basically enjoy the most expensive lifestyle – without as much as any member of the flock lifting a finger. Pastors can send you to hell by just uttering one or two words. From what I gather, they can also secure a place for you at the right hand of the father; although this will probably be at a fairly substantial price. As  men of God, Pastors are regarded the representatives of God on earth and so oftentimes they are accorded the kind of respect and fear that God deserves. A pastor will take his flock to bed in the name of the Lord and get away with it. The rest of us shall do it and get thrown behind bars for soliciting sex. What we shall call embezzlement and corruption, the flock shall call offering and tithing. Power!

Eat GrassNot many people can order others to eat grass and not receive opposition

“Recognizing power in another does not diminish your own.” ― Joss Whedon

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