A notebook, a toy soldier and a Deejay – The Interview

By on September 21, 2015

In the past, this blog post has dwelt quite immensely on traditional forms of prose. Descriptive, narrative, satirical and directive prose have dominated this Blog. After taking a trip to a very quiet and lonely place somewhere in Uganda, the team behind Beewol.com decided to spread the wings a little further. We shall now be hosting some guest blogs (as we did last week) and occasionally we shall be interviewing some people. Hell, we might even throw in some product reviews and endorsements here and there. The team is growing and we are interested in tapping into each person’s strengths – and also giving readers more than the ordinary wordy blog.

Enough about the team.

So last week, the team bought me a decend Red notebook, gave me an old Bic pen, and sent me to sit down with a very interesting individual. People around East Africa know him as Bush Baby and as we shall learn in this interview, he is quite an individual.

The original plan was just to sit and talk about music, East Africa, the media industry, girls (with me talking and him listening), the DJ business (with him illustrating and me open eyed) and whatever else came up. However, deep into our conversation I decided to turn it into an interview for our Monday Blog.

I therefore give you this lengthy but interesting interview with DJ Bush Baby.

Beewol : *Pulling out my nootbook and pen* What did you have for lunch today? (The interview was at about 3pm)

Bush : I have horrible eating habits, today I had a piece of boiled cassava and black tea for lunch. Food is not really my thing that explains my light feather weight.

Beewol : And where did you get the name Bush Baby? *with a serious face* Are you a descendant of Galagos or the little night monkeys?

Bush : *grinning … almost laughing*

I am really tired of this question. *shakes head* Do you have any other questions? *smiles* Well there’s nothing really special to it – it just sounded really cool and easily rolled off the tongue. I adopted it because it’s unique and unforgettable. Imagine I was DJ MICHAEL *shakes head again* There are too many MICHAELS out there it would be hard to identify who is who. So I wanted to brand myself in a way that’s unforgettable, don’t I have your attention now?

Beewol : *confused look* Of course you do. But wait, isn’t there a DJ Michael somewhere in Kampala?

Bush : Exactly my point. You are not even sure which one you are referring to.

*We both laugh*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Dj Bush Baby chilling with ‘one of his boys’

Beewol : *Attempting to scribble down something in a notebook* You are one of the few people who have attempted pretty much everything on earth. *counting off my fingers* You have been a TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, DJ and Musician. What else have you done that we need to know about? Sports? Politics?

Bush : *another wide grin. Slightly wider than the first one* I was once a gardener; it was my first part time job during my form four vacation. I used to plant flowers and trees for wealthy people in Bugolobi in the early 90’s. I planted some of the trees you see in certain posh homes in Bugolobi bungalows.

*Pause. Takes a deep breath*

Nature fascinates me. I had hopes of joining the army at some point; my dream job was to be a professional sniper in the army. Unfortunately the army back in the day was not as glamorous as it is today.

*Bush looks at the green toy soldier on his desk*

Beewol :*trying not to drown in the nostalgia* If you had to pick between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus to sing at your funeral, who would you pick? *leaning in for the answer*

Bush :*wide eyed* Are you serious?


Uhm, none actually.

*wry smile*

Maybe one of the black RnB boy bands from the 90’s. I’m not racist by the way *smiles* That is a disclaimer!

Beewol : *Looking at a picture of Bush Baby and his wife – turning to Bush* Is it true that marriage is a sign of maturity? How is your wife by the way?

Bush : *Smiles shyly* Not exactly. I think it’s one of those divine processes of life we all have to go through. It’s got nothing to do with maturity – at least in my opinion. I know some couples with juvenile tendencies. Marriage is about looking at life in a clearer and deeper perspective. You bump into someone and get overwhelmed with this thought of being with them for life.

*looks out the window*

It’s never smooth but I guess that’s what makes it more exciting. My girl is fine; she gets prettier with each passing day. *almost whispers as if there is someone listening in to the conversation* She hates it when I say my ‘wife’.

IMG_3924The girl is the golfer, the guy is the caddie

Beewol :*Embarrassingly switching between subjects* Tell me something Bush, what car do you drive? Is it yours or did you borrow it?

Bush : *Serious look* I drive a modest Toyota station wagon that has served me for eight years. I love flashy cars but that’s not my priority now.

*Pulls out his wallet and waves it*

It is good to be wise with some of these material things and finances. Maybe one day when I have accomplished some of my dreams I will spoil myself with one of those monster rides I see on Kampala roads. *winks*

Beewol : *looking at a photograph of Bush in a Deejay Booth* What is your opinion about the DJ scene in Uganda? Do you think DJs are immortal? Are they from earth or from some other planet?

Bush : *Happy smile* The DJ scene has come a long way you know. It has impressively evolved from the days when foreign DJS like PINYE, CODE RED and people like myself used to fly in and run most of the local gigs. I am glad the current crop picked up some good lessons and they continue to fly the Ugandan flag high. I think though that it is time for our DJs to take things a notch higher especially from the business perspective. The truth is anybody can become a DJ. All you need is passion, good knowledge of music and art plus personal discipline. But to be a unique DJ you need a lot more than just that.

Beewol : *jotting something down in the green notebook* Any DJs you think are currently doing a good job?

Bush : I think most, if not all are. I personally like DJ SHIRU. I think he’s a legend in his own right. DJ ALUDAH is another one. He’s got mad skills. MR DJ reinvented radio DJ’ing and DJ APEMAN knows what kind of energy a party should have. DJ SLICK STUART, DJ BK, DJ PETER & DJ KARO along with the younger underground kids are doing amazing things. I think though that there’s still a gap when it comes to unity as an industry and support for each other. Some of us have moved on to other playing fields paving way for the young ones to go on and achieve their dreams. If they can also tap into personal branding, that would be a huge plus for them. But like I said, the future is bright for the Ugandan DJ industry.

Beewol : I hear that you are a big shot where you work. Have you ever had to fire someone? If not, have you ever been fired? How did that go?

Bush : *somewhat taken aback by the question* Don’t believe the hype out there. I am just a regular dude keeping it real and true to my hustle, when you are in my current shoes there are huge business oriented decisions you have to make, both pleasant and painful. I have never lost a job in such circumstances; God forbid! But I can imagine it’s a very uncomfortable situation.

Beewol : *Opening a page of the New Vision to show Bush a picture of Eddy Kenzo* Do you think Eddy Kenzo has ever written a love letter? Did you write love letters when you were in school? Did you ever get any good out of them?

Bush : *laughs out loud* Eddy Kenzo … what can I say … I guess he has at some point written a love letter. *suppresses laughter* I believe everyone has. I did write my fair share of love letters in high school though they were mostly song lyrics. Some were quite effective.*Nods head with smile*

Beewol : *Pulling out a Black and White picture from a collection of pictures* During your days at East African Radio, you were really close with Ziggy D. Do you still have his number? Is it true that he has a Microphone under his bed?

Bush: *face lights up with excitement* Ohhhhhhh Ziggy Dee, yeahhhh! That’s my guy! We are still tight, we keep in touch and yes, I have his digits. Do you want them? *Pulls out his phone* About that MIC under the bed, I am sure you can ask him when you get the chance to interact with him.

Beewol *Trying to suppress excitement from the fact that I was offered Ziggy Dee’s number* Tell me something Bush, what good or bad do you think Social Media has done to the Ugandan Entertainment scene?

Bush: *Places mobile phone on the table* The only negativity it has had on the local entertainment scene is transforming how we consume entertainment today. But we should have seen this coming from NAPSTER & ITUNES especially with regard to music. Piracy is now unstoppable. It’s a global phenomenal and I guess we have to play along. On a positive note entertainers can easily interface with their followers instantly. Smart ones have exploited this and are reaping big rewards financially. Entertainers no longer have to rely on traditional media for publicity. Generally if applied decently and objectively it can keep one’s brand grow into a really huge brand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe’s been to several winter countries 

Beewol *smiling* What is your happiest moment thus far and why?

Bush : *Managing a half smile* Nothing beats the pleasure of being alive every day it is a chance to understand your purpose and make your contribution to humanity, I celebrate each day with extreme happiness.

Beewol *Straight face* What do you think East African integration will do to the music industry in East Africa?

Bush : *Also straight face* I see more commercial opportunities and playing space especially for the focused artists, we are likely to also see more regional collaborations and fusion which is a good thing as far as cultural exchange is concerned. There is a lot we can learn from each other to advance the region and by the way artists have a huge role to play in promoting this school of thought.

Beewol : If you were stuck on an Island, what three items would you want to be stuck with?

Bush *Extremely serious face* Oxygen, records and a turntable

Beewol : *Slightly bent head* What is the lowest moment of your life?

Bush : *slowly shaking head* I don’t really have what you would call the lowest moment in my life, I believe every situation we grow through happens for a reason, maybe the day I cease to exist and I realize there’s no ‘after life’ I will be so depressed and I think that shall be my lowest moment.

Beewol : *confused look* But won’t you be dead then? Won’t it be too late? *Pause* Anyway, tell me. What should people look out for in terms of Bush Baby the individual and brand?

Bush : *smiles* As an individual I embarked on a new personal journey as a father & husband; I want to be the best I can be regardless of my flaws. As a brand, I would like to see my legacy live through other people and that is why I enjoy surrounding myself with young people. There’s a lot I want to share through mentorship and guidance, it’s gratifying for me when I see other people excel and realize their full potential. In terms of reinventing myself there’s a lot I want to offer /contribute as far as film & television are concerned and also offer professional & commercial services to aspiring artists.

Beewol : Wait, are you going to go into acting? *serious look*

Bush : *Laughing out loud* Just know that I will be moving some pieces in the film and movie industry chess game in Uganda. Look out for my moves.

The interview ends with Bush Baby and I heading out of his office to one of his favourite spots for an ‘off the books’ chat.

Interview by Beewol. All images courtesy of Bush Baby.

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  1. Mobile Donwloads

    September 22, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Bush seems a really funny guy. Thumbsup !

    • Beewol

      September 22, 2015 at 6:04 pm

      Yes. He is an interesting fella.

  2. Luyombya Resty

    September 22, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I like this Bush guy

    • Beewol

      September 22, 2015 at 6:05 pm

      He is a kawa guy 🙂

  3. Full Mp3

    September 27, 2015 at 8:48 am

    Let me rest for a moment. I laughed a lot at this article ! Great one :))

  4. Tube

    October 5, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    What does kaea guy means? Beewol?

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