The ViGIRLantes (Part 3)

By on February 21, 2022

The sisters had waited for nearly three hours when they spotted the three men approach from a distance. 

One of the men had a tall and lean frame, he appeared an easy take-on. He wore tight jeans and a dark hoodie and didn’t seem like he would be much trouble for the girls – at least not for Hannah. Walking briskly next to him was a bulkier and beefier adversary. This one would probably give them a bit of trouble – Hannah figured. And right behind the two men, a burly one followed – most likely the ringleader, also visibly the toughest. The burly one carried what looked like a metal bar.

It was a little after 1:35 am – just the time the three men had often carried out their crimes in this area. The sisters had watched them for four days and were certain that on the fifth day they would be back to torture unsuspecting natives. And come back they had.

Hannah closed her eyes, said a quick prayer and counted to seven – her lucky number. Then she stepped out of the shadows right before the three men reached where she was.

The trio was startled into instant confusion! 

The burly one at the back immediately lifted the weapon he was carrying and started to dash towards Hannah, swooshing past his two buddies like an out-of-control truck. Before he could raise the weapon and do anything with it, a bullet caught him from the back. It tore through his skin, dug into his body and settled somewhere below his left shoulder. He struggled to stay on his feet and dropped down after six seconds, losing all ability to advance. 

The other two were taken aback but continued running towards Hannah. 

The lanky one had barely made two steps forward when a bullet caught him too. His was delivered through the back of his head – a shot of precision that drove through his skull with so much intensity it cracked his skull and shattered his brain fatally. He collapsed in a heap. 

By now, it had become apparent to the third man that Hannah was not all by herself. He just did not know where to look or how to react. When he was close enough to Hannah, he flung his left leg in the air, aiming for her head. She ducked, rolled under him, sent her right fist between his legs and delivered a heavy blow to his midsection – instantly ending any prospects of him siring children. The man struggled for breath – hands between his legs – as he let out a loud groan of pain, but he did not fall. 

Hannah stood up quickly and noticed the man struggle to stay on his feet. She wrapped her arm around his neck, pulled him in and dug her knee just beneath his chin to send him flying backwards into the bushes. From behind the bushes, she could hear the man still groaning in pain. 

All three men were down in under seventeen seconds.

“Han, that’s enough. We need to leave,” Sarah’s calm voice whispered from nearby.

Sarah had come down from her vantage point fifty or so meters away – from where she had taken out the first two men. She carried her Blaser R93 Tactical rifle in her left hand and a box of bullets in her right hand. Her precision often meant that Hannah had to contend with just one or two criminals, all the rest having been taken out from a distance.

“We need to go,” Sarah started to walk towards the surviving man who now whimpered in visible pain in the bush. She unzipped her backpack and pulled out a card with neat italicized writing,

“The VirGIRLantes were here. XOXO”

She dropped the card next to the whimpering man and started to walk towards the gate. Hannah followed her closely, looking around stealthily. The thugs had been taken out, the message had been delivered, justice had been served and all was well. The VirGIRLantes were on a roll. They were bringing justice to the filthy streets of Kawempe.

Then without warning, the whimpering man pulled out a gun, aimed at Hannah and pulled the trigger. 

“Die! Mbwa Gwe!” The whimpering man blurted out his last words as he fired the shot and right after that, he bled out and died.

“Ah! He missed me! That ugly fuck. He missed me!” Hannah muttered under her breath, coming out of the bush she had momentarily dived into when the whimpering man was firing.

“That was close!” Sarah breathed a sigh of relief as she emerged from behind a trash can.

The two girls started to walk towards Kisota Zone, where they lived.

Suddenly, Hannah began to stagger. 

There were times in the past when Hannah went on this job after taking a few shots of Waragi, a locally made but extremely potent gin. And this had the ability to tip her balance a little. But tonight she had been careful not to touch anything alcoholic because this was a tricky group of criminals they were dealing with. Where was this sudden stagger coming from? 

Then they both saw it – a stream of blood flowing down her right leg, from somewhere around her lower abdomen.

“Ah Shit! Babe, I think … you were… Don’t move … here …. rest,” Sarah quickly rushed to Hannah’s side and helped her rest next to a tree. 

“Bloody prick! He shot me!” Hannah was furious. Beads of sweat were now trickling down her neck.

“Stay with me, Han!” Sarah demanded, looking into Hannah’s eyes and beginning to feel tears build up in her own.

“It’s so … Ah! I’m okay. Let’s go. I’ll …” Hannah couldn’t complete what she was saying. Now she was breathing with difficulty and struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Stay with me, please!” Sarah pleaded.

“I’m fine Sarah. Go find help. I’ll be right here. Don’t get soft on me now. Go!”

“But you are …”

“I said go! Hurry before I bleed out.”

Sarah looked around and immediately knew she had to act fast. 

She ran off towards an estate that must have been about half a mile away. By the time she got to the first home, she was not sure what to do. 

“Somebody help! There’s been an accident.” 

There was no response for the first fifteen or so seconds.

A light was turned on from a nearby house. She ran towards it. And then the light was turned off almost immediately. 

These were tough times. No one wanted to welcome strange unknown persons at such an ungodly hour so it was safer to just ignore any cries for help lest one turns into an unfortunate victim of their own generosity. It was actually now the norm that if one heard any kind of scuffle, noise or cry for help at night, one simply turned a deaf ear and blind eye. It just was not worth the risk.

She knocked on a few more doors and kept screaming for help but no one could opened their door.

Then she saw a pickup truck parked outside one of the houses. She ran to it, smashed the window at the driver’s end and opened it. Time was running out for her sister and she knew it. She hardwired the truck and as soon as the engine kicked to life, she spun the car around and drove towards where she had left Hannah. When she arrived, she slammed hard on the brakes, pulled the handbrake and left the car running then jumped out of the car to help Hannah into the passenger seat of the truck.

“I’m back babe. I’m taking you to the hospital. Babe … babe …. Babe …” She tried to call out to Hannah as she lifted her off the ground and to the passenger side of the truck. 

She ran around back to the driver’s side and jumped into the car, immediately releasing the handbrake and heading off towards Kanyanya – where the nearest hospital was. She glanced at her sister, who now lay in a pool of blood, still struggling to breathe. The car arrived at Kanyanya Medical Center just moments later and she jumped out right away to carry her sister out. 

As she gently carried Hannah out, she could feel her heartbeat so she was hopeful that it would end well. When she placed Hannah out onto the parking lot, she noticed that her warrior sister was not moving. She leaned in to check Hannah’s pulse and instantly knew something was wrong. 

“Help!!!!” Sarah shouted as she tried to look around the Medical Center facility for anyone.

From a distance, she spotted a group of medical personnel rolling a stretcher towards her. When they arrived, one of them asked her to move aside but she could not leave her sister.

“Nyabo, please move aside quickly,” the paramedic demanded.

She had to be peeled away from her sister who now lay on the ground, motionless, breathless, lifeless. 

This was not how it was supposed to end! This was not the plan! 

She watched helplessly as the medics tried to revive Hannah, in vain.

And she could watch no more. So she quietly staggered back to the pickup truck, sat behind the wheel and began to sob. Then she reached into her socks and pulled out a Smith & Wesson Model 10. She had carried it on every mission of the ViGIRLantes but had never used it because it was meant for special occasions. Tonight that special occasion had arrived.

She loaded the gun, pointed it to her temple and closed her eyes.

“See you shortly babe.”

Then she pulled the trigger.

“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war.” – Herbert Hoover

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