The ViGIRLantes – Part 1

By on July 10, 2019

Hannah waited in the shadows as the three men approached. She had mastered the art of quiet patience and could easily and stealthily lay in wait for hours – if she needed to. Tonight was no different from the previous nights. The neighbourhood was different, the targets were different, the setting was different, but the job was the same – deliver justice. She and Sarah had done this now for two years.

The girls were dispensing a special kind of justice. They combed through police records looking for names and faces of robbers who had escaped from police custody. Then they went after them, studied their movements and operations for weeks, before taking them out. They had taken out a total of thirty-four criminals over the past two years and they always left behind a small note scribbled down in Red Lipstick ‘The ViGIRLantes were here.”

Hannah and Sarah had waited for nearly three hours before they spotted the three men approach from a distance. Now the time had come, and the ViGIRLantes were ready.

One of the men had a tall and lean frame. He appeared an easy take-on. He wore tight jeans and a loose teeshirt with a dark hoodie. He didn’t seem like he would be much trouble for the girls. Walking briskly next to him was a bulkier and beefier adversary. This one would probably give them a bit of trouble – Hannah figured. And right behind the two men, a burly one followed – most likely the toughest. The burly one carried what looked like a weapon curved out of iron.

It was a little after 1:35 am – just the time the three men had often carried out their robberies. Hannah closed her eyes, said a quick prayer and counted to seven – her lucky number. Then she stepped out of the shadows right before the three men reached where she was.

The trio of robbers was startled into instant confusion! The one at the back immediately lifted the weapon he was carrying and started to dash towards Hannah. Before he could raise the weapon and fling it, a bullet caught him from the back. It tore through his skin, dug into his body and settled somewhere below his left shoulder. He dropped down after three seconds. His partners seemed unfazed and continued running towards Hannah. The lanky one had barely made two steps forward when a bullet caught him too. His was delivered through the head – a shot of precision that drove through his skull with so much intensity it cracked his skull and shattered his brain fatally. He collapsed in a heap. The third man had now decided to fight Hannah himself, wondering how the two had been shot, and who had shot them. He ran towards Hannah, threw his left leg in the air and sent it towards her head. She ducked, rolled under him, sent her right fist between his legs and delivered a heavy blow to his midsection – instantly ending any prospects of him siring children. The man struggled for breath – hands between his legs – as he let out a loud groan of pain. Hannah stood up quickly, saw the man struggle to stay on his feet, and dug her knee just beneath his chin to send him flying backward into the bushes. From behind the bushes, she could hear the man still groaning in pain. All three men were down in under seventeen seconds.

“Han, that’s enough. We need to leave.” She heard Sarah’s calm voice from behind her.

Sarah carried her Blaser R93 Tactical rifle in the left hand and a box of bullets in the right hand. She was the sniper who had taken out the first two men. Her precision often meant that Hannah had to contend with just one or two criminals, all the rest having been taken out.

“We need to go,” Sarah starting to walk towards the gate, looking around to make sure no one had seen them.

The two women quietly but quickly walked away from the crime scene, out of the gate and onto the street. Once they were on the street, they briefly hugged, said a prayer and walked off in different directions. Sarah walked towards Bukoto White flats and Hannah walked towards Moyo Close, both women satisfied with their work – three criminals had been taken off the street. The had done their duty for the night and were now ready to take on a new day.

To Be Continued …

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