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By on December 7, 2015

In the business of helping people, we often encounter clients who are not sure what exactly we do. And they can be forgiven because let’s face it – we have done almost everything under the sun. As long as we think it will make the client happy, we are more than willing to do it.

Quite recently, one of our high profile clients called us up having heard about us from one of her also-high-profile friends. This new client happens to be an Attorney with quite a busy schedule on her hands. So quite naturally, our services emerged as a possible solution to her problem at hand.

Madam Attorney was supposed to be moving from her current house in Kisaasi – Kulambiro to her new house somewhere off Gayaza Road, very decent house we must add. The new house happens to be a house she has been constructing for a while and she is finally ready to move into. She called us up asking if we could help her move and without hesitation, we nodded; very happy to help. She was not so sure what the ‘movers’ package’ contained so she simply paid up and waited for us to help her move from the old house to the new complete house.

As expected, she was a little too busy to hang around and watch us do the work so she left her house-help in charge. We liaised with the house-help and loaded the stuff onto the truck before driving off to the new location.

Sadly, when we got to the new house at about 10am, the painting of the house was still being done and the guys doing the paint job needed a few more hours to get done.

So we waited.

While we waited, we made sure that nothing was taken off the truck until the house was completely ready. We like to think that nothing should be taken off the truck unless we are 100% sure where we are going to place it. Nothing should be taken off the truck and left outside lest some over-enthusiastic passer-by thinks a Yard Sale is going on and makes a healthy bid for one of the gorgeous lamps.

The painters completed their work at 5pm. After having waited for over seven hours, we were still in no hurry to get everything done. We made sure that we took our time to put everything right where it had to be. There is no use in starting the job well and then not completing it well. So we opted to have everything set up with perfection, no matter how long it took us. We made sure that everything was put in the right place up to the dot.  By the time we were done, the beds in the bedrooms were laid, the kitchen was in order, the living room and sitting room were neat and tidy and every other room was in perfect order. It almost looked like someone had already been living there for a while.

By the time the Attorney came to her new house, she was in shock. As it turned out, she knew we would help her move her things to the new location but she had no idea we would go ahead to help her settle in. And as if that was not enough, we had put everything right where she had wanted it to be.

We deal with quite a number of people who are very particular about where their things ought to be, this Attorney was one of them. However, when she walked through the rooms, she simply smiled the whole time. She was surprised that we had set up her beloved books just the way they had been set up at her previous house.

Such precision.

As luck would have it, she bought us some dinner and promised that the next time she was moving she would definitely call us. Seeing as she was moving into her new house, we are not so sure that will be anytime soon but nonetheless, we are glad to have acquired a client for life.

And in case like our attorney client you would like to move and are very particular about how you want your things, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will definitely have the perfect Movers package for you. We shall save you from the hustle of worrying about who will carry your things and who will help you set up. Also, we will save you the hustle of worrying that some random people will offer to help and then make off with one or two chairs.

We are the real deal, the perfect movers.

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