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By on February 24, 2014

Usually when I am going through a rough spell in my life, I turn to music for a bit of solace. It helps me calm down, clear my head and stay away from making irrational decisions. Interestingly, when I am extremely happy and excited about something, music is still my go-to-place for celebration and triumph. It is therefore safe to say that Music can be and will be there for me whenever I need company. It may not give the physical relief or conversational company that one may need at such a time but it sure does offer perfect remedy.

MusicTrue story

Over the years I have been in an affair with music (that’s right – I am dating music alongside Jessica Alba), there are interesting things I have learnt about this beautiful drug. Often times it takes a hold on us a lot more than we care to admit and it makes us do things we would otherwise not do in our ordinary minds. I have been able to experience a life full of ups and downs and as I go ahead to share my experience about music, I can safely say that every person has got to have dated music, if not for long then at least for a little while.

Owning a Song!

After a long day of running errands, a few friends and I walk into the bar to share a laugh, lose some stress and basically see off the day. I am tired, worn out and the only energy I have left can lift a bottle to my mouth. Then all of a sudden the bar DJ decides to play a particular song – Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. Within a split second, I have regained whatever energy I claim to have lost during the day and I am literally jumping up and down in the bar. And why is this is the case? Well, my song is playing the chances that I will remain seated or continue to think straight are close to none. I just lose the plot! And that is not all; when my favourite song plays and I realize someone else loves it just as much, one of two things will happen. Either I will get mad and want to slap them into another realm for liking my song or I will smile and politely introduce myself to what could be my next best friend for life! All this depends on how correctly they nail the lyrics.

this-is-my-jam-ferrellWhen the beat drops!

Extreme Confidence

And of course when my favourite song plays, who cares how terrible my voice sounds? And if they care, what business do they have being near me? Go away! I shall sing myself hoarse if I have to – that is what music does to me. The strange thing about music is it gives you an elevated level of self confidence. Very recently I shocked myself by singing along to a fairly old song by Bryan Adams. I knew all the words from start to finish. And then an idea popped up in my mind – what if I am supposed to be a musician? Now that is where the problem is. You see, many people get these terrible ideas that they can be musicians just because they have correctly nailed the lyrics to a certain Bruno Mars song or Rihanna song. And then what do we have? Hilarious YouTube videos entitled ‘Music Talent Search Fails’. The truth is – music gives you extreme confidence.

PerformMind blowing performers!

Balanced Musical Diet

Personally I have a great love for a number of music genres. I am predominantly a Rock Music lover but you will often find me listening to Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul, House, Electro and whatever else appeals to my ears. The point is; I want to get the best of everything. Each of these genres stands for something different. I consider country music to be sad, suicidal and too melancholic for my liking so I stay away from that. I listen to most of the rest though. Reggae is very deep, poetic, conscious and somewhat exclusive. Jazz and Blues are refined, authentic and mature while Hip Hop is boisterous and lyrical. House and Electo music are ebullient, jaunty and euphoric. Each genre has got a different item it brings to the table. At the end of the day one has got to have a balanced diet of this music and this is why I think everyone should take it upon themselves to learn to appreciate as many genres as possible. You don’t want to grow up lacking certain musical nutrients, do you?


Try out as many genres as you can

Bleeding Ears

There are instances when you walk into a place, hear a song play and then suddenly feel like you want to rip your hair out. And for someone who is as bald as myself, wanting to rip your hair out is a very extreme feeling. Usually when I hear a song that everyone else seems to be very much in love with but somewhat I don’t understand what the fuss is all about, I quietly see myself out, find a quiet place and pray to the gods of music to intervene. Most times they do because the song eventually ends. Bleeding ears are not a very good thing especially when you have the choice to walk away. Unless you are stuck in a taxi that is blaring some bogus song and you really can’t do much, I see no reason why anyone should subject themselves to bleeding ears.

GrumpyWhen a song you hate is playing …

I may not be able to sing for I have a lousy voice; I may not be able to write music for I lack the talent, but I am certainly going to devour as much music as I can. I am told there is music in heaven but until I get there, I shall enjoy the music on this earth. And because I love music so much, I shall do something I have never done on this Blog; I shall share 3 different quotes at one go!

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Or, How to Philosophize With the Hammer


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