The Blind Surprise

By on December 15, 2015

Every now and again lovers like to surprise each other just to remind themselves of how special their bond is. We have been in the business of helping people surprise their partners for a while now but every time we seem to come across an entirely new and interesting scenario.

A few weeks back, a guy named Chris called us all the way from China. He requested for a bit of help because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend in Kampala who from the sound of things was missing her prince Charming quite a lot. Chris, the Prince charming himself wasn’t the most hard-rock guy because in his voice we could hear the sound of a guy longing to be with his girl and looking for just about any way to make her smile.

Our phone call with Chris lasted several minutes as we had to try and understand what exactly he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it.

Chris asked us for options and we gladly offered him quite a number. He then settled for a bouquet of flowers, some chocolate and a wonderful card with some deep words; quite the perfect choice. He then gave us details of his lady’s phone number and work address.

The task was really simple, deliver the package and leave the lady to open it when we were long gone. Then she would figure out that it was her Prince charming and quite naturally all would be well. It was supposed to be a ‘blind surprise’ of sorts. We were instructed not to make mention of who the sender was and that was okay with us because we wanted to play according to Prince Charming’s script.

His plan was to have her guessing who it was for a few hours and then he would call her later on in the night to reveal that it was he, Prince charming.

We did what we had to do; delivered the package and made off, happy to deliver Prince Charming’s awesome message.

Later on though, we received a strange call from the lady. As it turned out, Prince charming had not signed off on the card and somehow we had followed instructions to the dot to not tell her who it was.

While we had known that the card was not signed, we knew Prince charming would call her in the night so we requested that the lady stay calm and maybe with time, she would figure out who it was. We were also instructed to not say anything about a phone call that would come in later that night.

Everything was supposed to be a surprise. There was a lot of mystery to the whole thing it was too cool and sweet.

Later that night, Prince charming somehow failed to call. We found this out because early the next morning, the lady called us up saying she was starting to get worried that the rather wonderful package could be for a wrong person or worse, from a wrong character.

Once again, we were bound to not say anything and we insisted that she be patient, and that she would soon know who sent the package. We also made it clear that the package was meant for no one but her.

We then got in touch with Chris and asked him to put the girl’s suspense to bed because she was starting to get worried. The lady had completely refused to touch the package until she knew who it was from and so the whole time she simply stared at it with so many questions in her mind.

Chris then asked us to go ahead and reveal that it was him who sent the package.

We called up the lady and as if she had been expecting our call, she was quick to ask who it was. When we revealed that it was Chris, her prince charming from China, the phone went silent for nearly twenty seconds.

We are used to people getting totally floored and going four or five seconds silent on the phone but twenty seconds? This was a record, even by our standards.

By the time she came back to the phone, it was clear she had been crying; tears of joy. The lady was so overwhelmed she simply kept sobbing the whole time.

She had been worried that a stalker was the one messing her up but after learning that it was Chris, it was clear she was the happiest person.

And when we passed on the news to Chris, he seemed even more overjoyed than the lady who had received the package. From what we gather, the two are lovebirds are so deep in love it is hard to understand how they survive all those thousands of miles away from each other. If long distance relationships had a model, Chris and his girl would be the perfect specimen. We hope Chris and his lady all the best in their relationship and we are sure they are destined for a great life together.

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