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By on January 6, 2016

Greetings friends. Welcome back from the festivities. While everyone was busy having a calm and relaxed festive season, we were busy putting smiles on faces of people across the country. A number of people had a wonderful festive season and we are glad to have been part of their reason for smiles.

Christmas day was particularly a busy day for us seeing as there were too many people who needed to make their friends and loved ones smile on this rather special day.

Whether it was in the form of wonderful unique presents, poetic letters and cards, beautifully scented flowers or delicious cakes, we went about our business of spreading good cheer on Christmas day with as much relentlessness as ever.

There was this particular guy who made us smile almost as much as we made him smile. His name is Arthur.

Arthur called us up on the 24th and wanted to know if we could deliver a cake to his family on Christmas day. Knowing very well that his wife loves cake, Arthur was careful to make preparations with us without informing his wife – he wanted to surprise her.

He placed his order of the cake with specific instructions on what he wanted it to look like then gave us the directions to his place and left the rest to us.

We had quite a number of errands we were running that day as expected but we accorded each errand the special attention it deserved. As such, we sent out a team to scout around and find the most appropriate cake for Arthur and his wife. Our scouts were tasked with finding the location that would provide us with the perfect cake that met Arthur’s specifications.

And we found it. We found the perfect cake to give Arthur’s family a tasty surprise.

The next day, we placed a call to Arthur’s wife who quite obviously had no idea what was happening. Since we were under oath to not divulge the secrets of the surprise, we simply told her we needed to see her urgently over business related issues. When she said we could wait until after Christmas we knew it was going to be tricky. However, we have been in this business long enough to know the tips and tricks of how to convince someone about the urgency of something so we insisted on seeing her.

When she reluctantly gave us directions to her place, we promised to be there as soon as possible.

We got there at three O’clock; just when the family was settling in for their Christmas lunch. What a feast they had prepared.

At first, Arthur’s wife was curious to know what ‘business’ we had that could not wait until after Christmas and she seemed keen to get it over with and carry on with her family lunch.

That was when we realised that Arthur was actually not present for the lunch and he had placed the order for the cake because he could not be around to be with his family.

What a thoughtful gentleman!

Once we revealed to his wife that Arthur had actually ordered the cake, she stopped in her tracks and let out a joyful scream. As it turned out, a cake from Arthur was the last thing on her mind. She was overjoyed she kept pacing back and forth about with a huge smile on her face.

The kids exploded into joy and excitement knowing that their father had sent them cake even though he had been absent.

In that moment, our team could not hold back their smiles. They too were speechless.

Even though Arthur’s wife and the children insisted that we stay for lunch, we had to leave because we had a number of other faces to put smiles on and also because Christmas lunch is better when it is with family.

We sure hope you all enjoyed the festive season and we hope that your New Year is a wonderful one with blessings, love, good cheer and above all; SMILES.

Happy New Year from the team at Quick Errands.

The festive season might have ended but our role of putting smiles on people’s faces carries on; all year through.

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