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I have never played golf, my entire life. It is likely I will someday have the time and patience for the game but at the moment there is little in the way of playing prospects. Even so, there seems to be a level of sophistication to the game I guarantee I would probably just feel out of place. I would rather much indulge in a noisy game of football, an action packed Formula 1 race, a nail biting tennis match or a feisty basketball game.

The idea of playing or even just following a golfing game is one I had never given much thought – until recently.

A few friends were visiting the country and decided that after the shenanigans of late night partying and mayhem in Kampala, a day or two away from the city would be a welcome addition to the itinerary. Quick research will reveal that there are several places outside Kampala where one can carry their tired and worn out soul to receive the mother of all relaxations. A place where one can escape the hustle and bustle of every day life and simply surround oneself with tranquility and peace.

One such place is located just half an hour outside Kampala, along the route to Entebbe and it seems to have everything including a golf course, a cocktail bar, a gift shop, a helipad, a fusion restaurant, a coliseum, a citadel, a health club & spa and a marina with the mother of all sceneries.

Located about 30 Kilometers out of Kampala on the route to Entebbe is Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa which seems just the perfect get away from the usual mayhem of the city.

When my friends and I had decided to head out to this place, we were fairly certain none of us would indulge in golfing activities but because the plush and attractive golf course seemed to beg for a visit, we found ourselves spending a few hours on the green. Quite naturally, as a person who is not big on golf, it should have been quite a drag, let alone a bore, to spend all that time on a golf course, albeit with all the beautiful scenery and spectacular sights. However, there are certain otherwise thought to be unpleasant things that grow on you.

The golf course that is rumoured to be one of the best in Uganda was planned and laid out in conjunction with ‘Mark Wiltshire Golf’, which is a a South African based company renowned for curving out, developing and running golf courses. Looking at the lay out of the golf course, one would imagine that Kevin Ramsey the principal architect wanted to turn the 83.5 hectares on which the course seats into something to behold on the shores of Lake Victoria. When we were there, construction to expand the golf course form nine holes to 18 holes seemed in full gear and even if this was the ultimate plan, it already seemed quite a feat to make it through the 9 holes.

As already mentioned, playing golf has never been something I quite fancy. However after a few hours on the course, there might have been a slight change of mind – only slight.

SerenaIt grows on you

A visit to the Club House revealed why and how this place maintains its sophistication. Between the fully stocked Golf Pro Shop, the half way house, the conference room, the bar and restaurant, as well as the rather neat and tidy locker rooms for golfers, it seemed apparent that the entire place got its sophistication from the class, style and elegance that bounced off of everything you came across.

It was quite a spectacle.

Before one gets entirely lost on the golf course though, it is important to understand why this place is more than just the golf course or the marina for that matter. The Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course Resort and Spa is one of those locations that was probably constructed with the intention of evoking emotions of calmness and tranquility as much as spectacle and picturesque scenery.

The sceneHow about that!

The terraced rose gardens are only but a testament to this intended purpose just as much as the rounded bay that is littered with acacia trees that seem to pay homage to the PGA-affiliated golf course surrounding the marina. The golf course itself is not just the ordinary come-play-some-golf-and-be-gone sort of place. The surrounding set up of nature ensures that the place is also notorious for habouring some pretty interesting bird species. From what I gathered, birders often find solace in this place as they are able to tick off quite a number of rare bird species from their bird watching lists.

Seeing as we were spending the night here, we had to find out where we would be sleeping. The hotel itself, which rises on the gentle slopes of the entire place is set up with an Italian palace setting, complete with the campanile, shaded colonnades, the spectacular mosaics as well as the rather eye catchy pool terrace. The gardens are set up in such a manner that they offer a sense of privacy, seeing as they are shadowy. This in turn creates the perfect setting for the pastel-painted villas where we were going to spend the night. We took a peek at these breath-taking residences and continued out brief tour of the entire place – just so we could see what more the place had to offer.

And then we ended up taking a boat cruise. What an experience!

MarinaEven without Rose, you can be Jack and spread your arms out on your own little sophisticated Titanic

Somewhere on the establishment is another spectacle – the Roman Coliseum which, from what we gathered, was set aside for all sorts of events from Weddings, to Divorce parties to Graduation Parties.  Of course when we inquired about the rates, there might have been one or two jaws that dropped but were quickly picked up when we were also told that the establishment offered more than just the location, there were several other products and services lumped together in what appeared to be a very attractive package.

One of my favourite parts of checking into any Hotel is the part where I step into the room and check it out. I usually turn on the TV to surf through and see what channels are on offer, go to the shower, peep in there to see what the showers look like, perhaps open the safe and see what combination numbers I can key in, check out the mini bar and open one of the drinks, go to the balcony door to see what the view outside is like and generally just marvel at how clean the towels and bed sheets are.

BedOne can not be blamed for taking a few minutes to drink in the beauty of such a room. 

And the part I hate the most about going to Hotels is checking out – especially if I have enjoyed my time at the Hotel. I will probably keep my phone connected to the Hotel’s wifi until I get out of range and I will usually walk out with an apple or orange from the Hotel, as if to hold onto the sophistication that might have rubbed off into me from the Hotel.

I know for a fact that I am still as raw and unsophisticated as can be but it is likely that if I ever venture into the strange realm of sophistication, my first stop will be Lake Victoria Serena Championship Golf Course, Club House and Golfing Boutique.

“Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose” – Winston Churchill

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