Regression Analysis

By on May 15, 2015

Reading the title alone will probably scare you into thinking I am going to delve in a course unit in Statistics… worry not this is rather far from it.

Regression Analysis in the geek girl’s world is when a girl reverts to an old relationship with an ex. Most times after swearing the week before that all of hell would freeze over before she goes back to her ex. ! How do I know this? I and countless number of girls have been through this.

Every girl has been and, has a friend whose boyfriend was just downright horrible to them and we take it upon ourselves to show our friend how she deserves better and usually in the company of her pals she is empowered to make the call to end it but a few days later she is dreamy eyed again because he pulled the I- will-be-better card.

I am at an age where regression analysis is rampant.  We have the great- in- bed regression where your ex was good in bed and you think he might have the worst habits in this entire world but his sex game is stellar so you close your eyes to his faults and regress back to his bed until you realize his faults are more than you can tolerate. But as soon as you miss him…you go back running with your dignity shoved down your throat.

Then there is emotional regression.  I will start with the unexplored options regression. We all have that one guy we liked and didn’t explore the opportunity to find out if more could have blossomed. In this current state where there isn’t enough time to date or start screening people for potential relationships we slowly slip down the path of unexplored options, seek them out to see if there is more to it. I mean better the devil you know than the angel you don’t, right?

We have the He-knows-me-best regression! This usually happens to the girls who have dated their significant other for a while (above 2yrs) and for some reason things do not work out as planned.  This is the worst king of regression.  Most girls  are so afraid to move on to explore new people out there and insecure about new relationships because the last one  failed and, was emotionally draining so they  quietly regress to their ex, because he knows you best, you still call him like you are dating, basically you are hang up on the guy.

I know what regression is like, and with people telling you there is a possibility it is worse out there, you convince yourself that if your ex can open the door again you can make it work this time. For some it does, and, the percentage is very very, very slim.  So if you are there riding the regression curve, you are not alone (we like strength in numbers) but remember to snap out of it and enjoy the new guy that comes along.

 Ruth Adong

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