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By on July 1, 2015

For quite a while now Ugandans have taken to social media and traditional media to complain about how this otherwise beautiful country is lacking in one thing or insufficient in the other. The recent political upheavals have somewhat taken on an interesting trend with some people announcing their political intentions on social media and others equally responding to these long awaited announcement on social media.

Whether it be Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or instagram, social media has become a very crucial weapon in fighting for causes – good or bad.

Every year, around this time of the year, a bunch of enthusiastic youths under the umbrella of 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation take over the Social Media scene in Uganda for what is now known as Croak and Rhyme. Now if you are within Kampala and have never heard of Croak and Rhyme then maybe you need to ask yourself the question – what Kampala do you live in?

But worry not, you can be excused. After all, I have been working on radio for nearly 6 years and just the other day an Uncle called me to ask what radio station I work for. So, worry not – even the most obvious things can pass you by; it’s not your fault.

I will go ahead and tell you everything you need to know.

First things first, 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation is a foundation set up by a group of ordinary youths with extra ordinary dreams. Yes; extraordinary dreams because these young people envision a Uganda with fewer hungry children, fewer shelter-less kids and more smiles on the bright faces of little children. So anything they can do to champion that cause, they do – many times with limited resources. Buy some books for school going children, feed the hungry kids, provide toys for other little kids, offer love to the parent-less ones and build dormitories for those with no shelters; whatever can make a less fortunate child’s life better, these youths try to do.

This time round, the folks are taking things to a whole new level. Having helped build a dormitory for children at Happy Times Childcare Initiative Luweero last year, the folks at 4040 have embarked on building a dormitory for girls at Elohim Children’s Center in Bombo. It may seem an ambitious plan but with the zeal, enthusiasm and optimism that is going around there is a fat chance this is not an entirely impossible.

This Friday (July 3rd) Team 4040 has organized another Croak and Rhyme event for the same purpose – to raise funds to build a dorm. The dorm that is being built this time round is for the girls at Elohim Children’s Center who are currently having to sleep in far-from-habitable settings. The event will have a number of awesome performances with plenty of merry making and fun with all proceeds going towards the cause of the dorm.

If just like these young people you feel the urge to be of help not just to the girls at Elohim Children’s School but to all the young people trying to find purpose in their lives, then you should think about coming down to the Uganda Museum on 3rd July.

It is likely that you will not only have spent your time doing something worthwhile and thus contributed to bettering a child’s life but you will also get a chance to experience something that has barely been managed in this country before, a fusion of music from the past with music from the present.

Allow me explain this a little.

Past Meets Present

The theme for this year’s Croak and Rhyme is – Past Meets Present. The idea here is to have a buffet of musical bliss covering what we would call the past and hovering over what we can call the present. Just so we are clear on which artists we are referring to, consider an event that has performances by songstress Joanita Kawalya from Afrigo Band, Ugandan Reggae icon Maddox Sematimba and hearth trob Qute Kaye among the older artists. Then add this onto performances by the Naava Grey who comes in a single Grey shed of sexy, the wordsmith and humorist Mun G, the ladies’ favourite Richy, conscious rapper Ruyonga, dance hall sensation Nutty Neithan, lyricist Benezeri, songsmith Maro, silky voiced Shine, vocal champions Canaan Gents as well as Sauti ya Africa. There will be poetry as well and it goes without saying that there will be plenty of fun things to do and fun people to meet.

4040The line-up is just so damn orgasmic!

The event promises to be the biggest yet and it promises to offer not just the numbers that would go a long way in raising funds for the Dormitory but it promises to refresh the idea that the young people of Uganda are not as helpless as a few people might have suggested. We are not waiting to live up to the title of ‘future leaders’ we have opted to be the ‘leaders of today’. And if no one follows us on this path to creating a better Uganda, we will be more than glad to walk the path all by ourselves.

That being said, we would be honoured to have other people walk with us as we work our way towards a Uganda that does not wait for the Government or the powers that be to fix things. If we can fix them, we will fix them!

Well Organised Event

Anyone who has been to previous 4040 events knows that things like Security and places of convenience, eats and drinks are all well catered for. This therefore means that the only reason a female should miss is if she is somewhere giving birth to a beautiful baby. The only reason any man should miss this is if he is holding the said woman’s hand.

Short of that, do not miss this event – not even for your own funeral.

To be among the cool folk who simply walk into the place at Uganda Museum on Friday without having to line up to buy tickets, hit me up and I will see how to find you with a ticket. Alternatively, you could simply keep your wallet tight shut, hide it under your pillow and then pull it out on Friday and make your way down to the Museum. I just hope you don’t have rats that might casually be strolling around your bed-pillow area.

See you on Friday!

“The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.” ― Hugh MacLeod

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    July 1, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Wow! I am so coming to support this cause. See Ya!!

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