Rape Falsity

By on June 8, 2016

Life can sometimes turn out to be a big complex but well rounded ball of sadness, misery and absolute pain that one wonders why and how we as humans are able to carry on without throwing in the towel. Occasionally of course some people cannot bear the cross any more so they throw in the towel but on a whole, we as human beings are very resilient and strong folks.

The terrible news about a friend being picked up by the police for owning a certain tee-shirt is slowly followed by the unfortunate news of a friend’s dear mum passing. Another friend loses her three-year-old son and then as the week wears on, one other friend has his house robbed clean.

Last week was one such week where everything just seemed to be moving from bad to worse and the emergency buttons kept shifting to darker sheds of red by the day.

Despite all this sadness, a few friends will not hesitate to put a smile on your face in form of an invite for Sunday lunch at theirs. And since you have had a terrible week and your appetite for well cooked pork has never been in question, you accept the invite. On Sunday afternoon you carry along a bottle of some fine drink and then head over to visit the said friend with a few other folks.

While at the said friend’s place you indulge in mostly happy stories with the hope that the worst is behind and since the week has been terrible, it would make sense to share some cool stories to start off the new week with.

But somehow, another sad story veers its head.

Without necessarily making this blog post a grim, melancholic and teary narration of events, allow me to start by saying that I have a number of friends who have suffered the rather sad and inhumane ordeal of near rape and actual rape. Like most people, I have nothing but disrespect and extreme dislike of men who go around assuming that they have the right to have sex with whatever skirt crosses their path – with or without their consent.

Not only do these men spoil it for the rest of us because ladies now trust us less (not that they ever trusted us that much anyway), they also make the world have this bogus assumption that men are not so good with self control. And maybe we are the weaker sex when it comes to self control; but I would like to think that every man is able to keep it together no matter how much sexual urge might be running through the veins of your big black wild penis.

While at this friend’s place on Sunday, there was a story that popped up – a rape story. But it was a strange kind of rape story.

This friend (who we shall call Diana) has a regular boda boda guy who takes her from home to work and pretty much everywhere at any time of the day or night. She has known him for a very long time and they have developed a profound level of trust so much that she sends him to help her do some shopping. If she wants a package dropped off anywhere, he will do it diligently. Every once in a while she can even travel with him and then pay after a few days.

In this economy, you need one such person – who can transport you on credit.

On one fateful day, she gets to the boda boda stage and realizes her regular boda boda guy (let’s call him Paul) is not around. When she asks the other guys at the stage, they tell her Paul has not been around for two days. When she probes further, it emerges that Paul is behind bars. He was thrown into the coolers on rape allegations. Apparently he was jailed for attempting to rape a young lady who had wanted him to drop her off somewhere.

The story goes that Paul was going about his usual routine of picking and dropping customers when he met a young lady who seemed to be in her early twenties. She appeared distressed and seemed like she really needed help getting wherever she wanted to go. Paul asked the girl where she was going, the girl gave him directions and off they went. They got to the destination, the girl got off the boda boda, Paul asked for his money and then all hell broke loose.

The young lady started screaming for help. Just like that!

In that instant, Paul was shocked, taken aback and puzzled. A few on-lookers came to see what the problem was and the girl (amidst tears and sobs) explicitly narrated an ordeal of how Paul tried to rape her. In an attempt to defend himself, Paul tried to explain that he was only asking for the young lady to pay her fare and then she burst into a wild scream.

Paul was then dragged to a nearby police station where quite obviously no one was too interested in listening to the explanation of an alleged rapist.

Paul was locked up – pending investigation.

A little while later, Paul’s friends – the other guys at the boda boda stage, received the news and quickly rushed to the station to find out what was happening to their colleague. When they heard about the rape story, each of them immediately became furious because this was not the first time something similar was happening.

As it turns out, there are a number of young ladies who have resorted to using this method to defraud unsuspecting boda boda riders. They reach their destination and then begin to scream for help. The boda boda riders are often quick to dash away because mob justice never takes too kindly to rapists – no matter how legit your explanation.

After investigation of Paul’s rape allegations, it emerged that there was never any rape and the screaming girl was/is one of several who have not only enjoyed free boda rides but have occasionally even taken money off of boda boda riders while threatening to smear them with rape allegations. Paul and his friends had to part with UG shs. 1 Million to make sure he gets released even though he was clearly very innocent.

I am not one to encourage that gorgeous woman named Karma to play a role in certain people’s lives but a huge part of me feels like some of these young girls are creating quite a dangerous precedent for themselves. The more fake rapes are reported to the police, the more power these girls give actual rapists because now when a young girl actually gets raped, the police might not be too excited to follow through with investigations thinking it could be a wild and bogus allegation.

I feel for Paul, and all his other friends and colleagues who have been victims of this rather unfortunate trend of events. I can only hope that while we are campaigning for evils like Rape and Defilement to stop, we can also teach our sisters, daughters and friends to stop using these evils to ruin innocent men’s lives.

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