Peter’s Bundle of Joy

By on November 23, 2015

As a company, we at Quick Errands are always looking for ways to make our customers smile, not just with our services, but also in the way we talk with them and keep in touch with them. Occasionally we will say hello to someone who used our service a few months ago or wish someone a happy birthday seeing that they used our services a few weeks back.

Basically, we like to follow up on our clients.

Recently, we were doing our routine ‘hellos’ when we spoke to a client who was happy to hear from us and even shared some good news with us – his wife was expecting.


Peter’s wife was set to give birth but somehow Peter was not in the happiest of moods when we talked to him because he had only recently been transferred to Gulu and a few months into his contract, the news had reached him that his wife was due. This was not entirely the worst news because he had a plan to travel back to the city when the due date came close so he would be with his wife. The only worry was how long he would take to get to Kampala.

All was well and he had a plan of travel just before the due date. Everything seemed to be well planned for.

However, as ill-luck would have it, nature tampered with his wife’s calendar a little and brought her delivery date closer by a few days – right in the middle of the busiest schedule Peter had ever had. He received the news of his wife being rushed to the hospital just when he had started working on a project that required undivided attention.

And even if he could take time off work, he would not be able to make it to Kampala before she gave birth.

Such ill-luck!

That was when Peter asked us to help him figure something out. He really needed to be there for his wife in some way, he just needed to.

Soon after speaking with Peter, we got his wife’s details, figured out which hospital she was headed to and started thinking up ideas. After the entire team at Quick Errands had agreed on a plan of action, we began to execute it.

We offered Peter some of the numerous options and he settled for a bouquet and a congratulatory card for the new mother. We picked out the finest bouquet our in-house flower specialist thought would send the perfect message, crafted a really nice message form Peter and did the needful – we delivered it to the new mother.

Seeing as there were many happy young parents in the hospital showing love to their newborn babies, we wanted Peter’s wife to feel the same kind of happiness – or at least something close. Peter might have physically been thousands of miles away but we worked to make sure he was present, at least in some form.

It is amazing how tiny little things can brighten up people’s lives even when they would rather have settled for bigger much more profound things.

Peter’s wife was overjoyed when she received the bouquet and at the risk of sounding too sentimental, we at Quick Errands were teary eyed.

Peter’s wife was with her mother and we had a chance to speak with her. She sounded even more excited than the new mother! According to her, there were not too many people she knew who had gone out of their way to make their wives feel this much loved. Her son-in-law was definitely getting a better spot in her heart. Even though he had been unable to make it in person, Peter had put a smile on his wife’s face and his mother-in-law was too overjoyed to even say a word.

Moments like these are what we live for at Quick Errands. And just like we helped Peter put a smile on the faces of the two ladies, we strive to make as many people smile too. When Peter returns to see his little baby girl, we hope to swing by and say hello. Maybe we shall be invited to the naming ceremony or even the little girl’s first birthday party.

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