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By on October 14, 2013

When we are born, having been used to the comfort and warmth of our mothers’ insides, we are introduced to a rather callous and unfriendly world. We instantly show our discontent and fury by wailing like little lost aliens from another planet. During our infant days, the relationships we have with people are based on guesswork. We wail, they guess that we must be hungry; yet probably we are just turned off by their body odor. There is a lot of guesswork involved at the infant stage.

BabyThe little baby could be crying because the dad has bad odor 

After maturity, we graduate from loud wailing to more sneaky methods like back stabbing, black mailing and trash talking. Often times we even go to extremes by engaging in criminal activities like strikes, murder and launching tear gas into crowds of people just to express ourselves. All these things we do to show the other party that we are discontent, unhappy, furious, mad and angry.

There are several ways in which we show our anger and discontent but many times our attempts to show discontent go unnoticed. Today, I shall attempt to give you a little insight into how you can actually pass the message across that you are angry at someone without being ignored or worse, getting ridiculed.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I present four methods of perfect expression.

1.   Silent Treatment

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it usually works like magic. If you have a partner who has been giving you the cold shoulder and putting a bit of distance between the two of you when it comes to matters of the bedroom, you should be afraid and worried in equal measure. They could be planning your demise without your knowing. Many people use the silent treatment approach to draw out the other party. If someone is usually very chatty and all of a sudden they go hush, it is time to raise the white flag and ask them what is wrong. If you are the person using the silent treatment strategy, it is important that you know whether or not the other party will actually notice the silence. Many times people launch into silent treatment unaware that the other party does not care that much. In such a scenario you might want to graduate to a more effective method, nagging.

Silent TreatmntDoes this not make sense?

2.   Nag to the end

The nagging strategy is mostly used by people who know that their silent treatment might go unnoticed. It involves consistently doing certain little things that are known to piss off the other person. These things are meant to show discontent or to simply attract the attention of the other party. For fear of coming off as sexist, I shall not say that ladies invented this strategy and neither will I say that they are the known perfect executioners of this strategy. I know a number of men who have perfected the skill of nagging so much that one wonders what size of knickers they wear. (Does that sound sexist? Apologies) Nagging is a very effective method of expression although you stand the risk of pushing the other party further away. If your nagging involves things that the person actually hates, you might want to think about being careful or you might lose them completely. Therefore you should nag in reasonable dozes and measures lest you become a real pain that needs to be done away with completely.

Nagging-WifeTurn up the volume!

3.   Love thy neighbor

As strange as it may seem, loving your neighbor may turn out to be a very effective way of expressing yourself. If someone has recently angered you and you are looking for ways to make it known to them that you are not too happy, loving them might help a little. A great man (named Jesus), who once walked this earth in flesh, preached that Love is the greatest commandment. What he probably didn’t add was that Love can also be the greatest weapon and form of expression. Loving someone you are fighting gives you an edge over them as it helps wipe away any intentions of hurting them back which would make the ‘fight’ meaningless. The trick here is to conjure up that love because most times if you are in a fight with someone, you want to pierce their side with a broken bottle or poison them, not love them. If this strategy works for you, then you are indeed one of the chosen few.

4.   Hire a hitman

This is probably too extreme but it can work perfectly too. If someone has angered you in some way and you are hoping to eliminate them from the equation once and for all, there is always the option of hiring a hitman. The downside to this is that hitmen are very expensive and that in case the cops get wind of this you might spend the rest of your wretched life in the coolers. One should only consider hiring a hitman if they are absolutely sure that they are tired of life outside of prison. That said, a hitman can and will execute the rather difficult job of delivering your message of discontent to the other party. It may not even matter that the other party will not have time to respond to the expression; what matters is that they will not be around to bother you anymore.

despicable-me-hitman-minion-1280x1024I’m not too sure how much a minion hitman will cost you but could be worth it

Expressing oneself is very important because without it you are an emotionless being; a stone. You must therefore always find a way to channel your emotions and express them or else you might turn into a rock.

Do enjoy your week and let all those angry people know that you are mad at them.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ― Sigmund Freud


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