Ogubula eyeguya teguwaangala

By on January 13, 2016

I have lived on this earth for more than a quarter of a century. I have seen people come and go in my life. At first I used to have this notion that I won’t miss these people. Of course this was the naivety of my young self. Today, I feel so much different. I have missed out on a great many that I have been left behind, both in personal and professional life. I took pride in not missing anyone. And now I am feeling it bite me in the rare end.

While teaching at East High School, I happened to meet Faisal. He was my partner in crime. We talked to each other about everything right from girls to teaching aids in class. Then Faisal departed for the overseas. We talked for a bit in those first few days. Call it a honeymoon phase. But it gradually faded that it got to a point where I sometimes didn’t even think about him. Funny thing is I had taken up his work station. So logic seems to suggest that all these factors should have forged an attachment. But I got engulfed in work, and new relationships. Soon it was business as usual with a new guy Robert. Faisal was nothing more than a memory. I quit work to pursue my own project; I can assure you the same thing happened with Robert.

Now that over there is a recent story. A lot more of those kinds of abandoned friendships have occurred. Most notably is the story of Ann, a brilliant mind I came to be acquainted to. She was brilliant as already mentioned, funny and beautiful. She made me want to aspire for more. We talked all the time and with time, she became someone I’d have wanted to know more. I was young. So when she decided it wasn’t a good idea, I decided to get detached. Slowly but very surely I went into obscurity as far as she was concerned. I can’t decide though whether it was pride or embarrassment that led me to miss out on her. But oh well, that happened.

Hussein is one of those guys that I had lost touch with. He sent me a text sometime back and asked me about everyone. A few of the names of course I couldn’t divulge much on their state of affairs because, well, I didn’t know. Then he told me to be serious. He used a Kiganda saying, ogubula eyeguya teguwaangala. Literally it means a friendship that does not have just one person who cares about it won’t last. He went on to tell me a friend can make all the difference when faced with a life or death situation. I can tell you now, I heard this guy. And I am at a point where my interactions with a great many will be borderline harassment.

Friends are important, both from near and a far. I just hope I can be more mindful to that from now on.

Andrea Akimanzi

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