Mama Allan’s Tongue Lashing

By on November 27, 2015

While carrying out the duty of putting smiles on people’s faces by being there for them always, we are usually touched by the stories that emerge in people’s lives. Some stories are really heartwarming and full of love while others make you raise an eye-brow because they are interesting. Some others are simply downright ridiculous.

We recently encountered one of those rather ridiculous stories with one of our clients Allan. Allan works in Dubai and was hoping to spring up a surprise on his mother. Seeing as it was her birthday, Allan wanted to do a little more than just make the expected phone call. He wanted to do more than just send her money via Western Union so he approached us seeking a solution.

As one of our favourite and regular customers, Allan was offered a number of alternatives for what he could do to make his mum’s birthday memorable. Among those options we offered, Allan settled for the 150,000 shillings package which has recently become a huge hit for many people.

Allan then sent us his mother’s details, paid up, and left us to do all the hard work – and we were glad to do exactly that.

The only trouble was that Allan was not too sure about the exact location of where his Mother worked. You see, while Allan knew she worked somewhere in Namirembe, he was not too sure where exactly in Namirembe. Seeing as Namirembe is quite a large place, we were left with some tracking down work.

Tracking someone down without their consent can be a real challenge so we decided to have one of our representatives call Mama Allan and try to ask for directions without necessarily revealing the reason behind the phone call. The idea was to get to a Hotel in Namirembe and then ask her either to tell us where she was or come to the Hotel where she would then find her surprise. The first call was not received with the most warmth. It appeared Allan’s mother had recently been bothered by strange callers and she had had enough of that stress. Therefore when our representative asked for her location without disclosing his reasons, she was not too happy.

After the first phone call it was clear that Mama Allan was not exactly going to reveal her location. However, we did not give up. We had our representative call up Mama Allan, yet again. This time, he used a different approach but sill needed her to reveal her exact location.

Again, the lady was not too amused. This time she was vocal about her displeasure.

“Ye ombeledde Kyi..toyina byakola”s ( What is it , don’t you have what to do?) Mama Allan asked.

While our representative was under strict instructions not to reveal the reasons for making the call, he felt the pressure and almost revealed the reasons for the phone call. However, due to professional requirements, the surprise had to be maintained.

After a little while, our representative was left with almost no option. He simply sat at the Hotel hoping and waiting that something would give. Maybe he would try again later on. He had to be patient.

In a strange twist and shocking move, Mama Allan called up our representative; this time in a happy tone. While he was waiting, it seems she had figured out that no one could insist on inquiring about her whereabouts unless they had some serious intentions.

And then she remembered that it was her birthday!

By the time Allan’s mother called back, our representative was stranded with the hamper at KK Hotel in Namiremebe where he had been for a few hours, trying to track down Mama Allan.

As it turned out, she was not too far off and the moment she set eyes on our representative, a wave of emotion swept over her and she let out one of the most gleeful smiles. She went ahead to apologise for not having disclosed her location with the promise never to be cold to strangers on the phone.

Allan’s mother was amazed that her son who was miles away was able to remember her birthday and do something as sweet and kind as having a specially crafted hamper delivered to her.

Some of these surprises do not necessarily go according to the script but at the end of the day we are glad that they all work out quite perfectly. In this case, Allan’s mum kept apologising for not disclosing her location but since we are used to this kind of stuff, we were more than glad to smile with her and accept her apology.

Allan was himself not too shocked that his mother was hesitant the first few times we called. She is such a disciplinarian who is focused and has little time for games. Even with her level of seriousness, we were glad that Mama Allan wore one of the warmest smiles and nearly shed a tear because her son had remembered to make her proud on her birthday.

Quite a story.

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