Letting Go of Monica

By on November 6, 2017

For the average human being today, owning a mobile phone is something of a necessity. In fact, most people would rather skip a few meals than go a day without their mobile phone. Unless you are a bushman in the jungles of the Amazon who might not see much use for a mobile phone, you will find yourself needing to have one or even two of these little dangerously addictive gadgets.  One can confidently assert that the mobile phone is now part and partial of the human existence – at least for the most part.

Not so long ago, I was the proud owner of a fine device that understood me rather well. My mobile phone was the sort of gadget that I developed a personal relationship with so deep that I named her Monica, after the beautiful Monica Denise Brown who once had a fiercely musical argument with Brandy over a boy.

MonicaThis is the lady I am talking about, the original Monica.

A few weeks ago, someone from Tecno sent me an email about a new phone they were launching soon. I get a number of emails about new products and services being launched I usually just rush through them without much thought. But after reading through this email and taking another look at Monica who was coughing and wheezing uncontrollably while involuntarily closing certain apps and opening others without instruction from me, I figured I would take a second peak at the email.

There was mention of strange out-of-this world specifications including that much talked about dual back camera setup (which sounds like something from a sci-fi movie), 6GB RAM and really unique design of the body. The email had other strange words put together in what I assumed were further specifications.


These specs looked fancy and all but I didn’t quite know what to do with them.

After reading the email I figured I would probably need to have a long conversation with Monica about her possible replacement. I am a very kind and compassionate guy and I never replace important things in my life without good reason and without running it by them. Some time back I had issues with Suzie and her replacement Monica has served me well, even better than Suzie had done. This time however, Monica was struggling to make a case for her to continue in her current position. Midway our conversation she froze and shut down a few running apps and then placed a random call to an old ex girlfriend who picked up with a sense of concern because she did not expect a call from me at 1 A.M. The phone call did not go so well because from what I gathered, my Ex and I moved on rather well and only got in touch when it was absolutely necessary, for example a quick message on her birthday.

Anyway, long story short, the Ex now thinks I am some psycho who calls up random people at strange hours just to hear them breathe.

For reasons such as these, getting myself a new phone has been on my list of priorities for quite a while. And with this talk about the Phantom 8 I figured I would perhaps have a chance to redeem myself with some of the people Monica has been calling up without my permission.

So I went down to their shop at The Prism Building on Kampala Road.

When you go to any of these Telecom Shops to inquire about any gadget, whether new or old, there will always be someone nearby who will tell you the honest truth about how shitty or great a gadget is. As a new entrant in the industry, there might not have been much to chew on from people who had used the Phantom 8 but after following the rather elaborate launch of the Phantom 8 on 22nd October in Dubai, one’s expectations are rather justifiably high. And as is usually the case with high expectations, disappointment isn’t a very far off subject either.

As we speak, I have just gotten my hands on a brand new Tecno Phantom 8 and as much as it looks attractive, sleek and extremely sexy on the surface, only time will tell how awesome it actually is. For now, I will be sampling the much-talked-about camera to see what sort of pictures and videos it comes up with. I will also be transferring some of my beloved apps including Scrabble, Aldiko, Telegram, Twitter, Quora, Uber, Soko Foods, Fantasy Premier Leauge, Pinterest and the Google Apps onto this new gadget.

IMG-20171103-WA0034The Phantom 8 looks extremely fancy, right?

I haven’t named her (Yes, all my phones are female) yet but soon enough I will have a well organized phone naming ceremony. This will only be after I have ascertained that this little baby that has been trending all over the internet is actually as good as people say it is.

“Life without a phone is riskier, lonelier, more vivid.” ―Eliosa James, Paris in Love

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