La doleur excuse

By on May 14, 2015

My muse left me

and I had to let go
I did one of those
if you love something
let it go
and if it was meant to be…
but how long must I wait
before I know for sure
if you will return

My muse left
with a piece of me
and now my verse is void
of the light that he inspired
feelings so raw
they jump off the pages
take me back in time
and beg me to bring you back
Where are you?
I loved the way I loved you
I loved you shyly
always wanting to be next to you
but keeping my distance
not sure I could still manage
to hide what I couldn’t explain
I loved you certainly
taking it one day at a time
Without wavering
embracing what you stirred in me
I loved you deeply
from a place I did not know I had
a river sprung and ran steadfast
at times slow
Sometimes gushing
and taking all thought and reason with it
I loved you simply
longing to serve you
honoured to have
an opportunity to give to you
any bit of me
I loved you purely
Jealously guarding you
from the demons of my past
slaying dragons
that dared to advance towards your castle
I loved you…
I love you without reason

Gloria Nanfuka

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