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By on January 28, 2016

In the business of spreading smiles around, we often encounter many lovers and friends looking to make each other happy. Every once in a while we come across unique relationships.

One of the most interesting we have encountered in the recent past was a lady named Sheila who wanted to surprise her boss.

Now we know that many people have bosses who they would rather stay away from because most bosses breathe fire and spit brimstone from morning to sunset. However, Sheila is one of those few people with an awesome boss who makes sure all those working under him are having the time of their lives. It is one nice warm family where Sheila works.

Sheila’s boss Patrick is kind, approachable and very good natured and seems more of a colleague than a boss.

Sheila therefore wanted to show her appreciation for her boss by getting him something nice and basically putting a smile on his face.

She called us up with a list of possible things she could get her boss and when we agreed on the specific items to get for him, we prepared to set off to find this Patrick guy who seemed to be breaking all stereotypes about bosses.

When we got to Centenary Bank where Sheila works, we asked for Patrick. We had properly packaged the items to deliver to him and there was no doubt he was going to love them.

But there was one little problem.

You see, when we got to the Centenary Bank offices, we asked for Patrick and we were informed that there were more than four guys named Patrick.

We had hoped that just one name would be enough but quite clearly, some other Patrick might have claimed the wonderful package. To be sure that we were introduced to the right Patrick, we cross checked with the details that Sheila had given us and there was his second name.

We then met (the right) Patrick and gave him the package. It contained wine, flowers and a gorgeous cake.

People’s reactions and expressions to receiving surprise packages are usually priceless. Patrick could not believe that the package was his. He kept asking us if we had delivered it to the right Patrick and we had to keep reminding him that not many Patricks were bosses to Sheila.

We at Quick Errands recommend that people start sending their bosses packages because not only will it make the work-place a better place, it will also boost their chances of promotion and salary raise.

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