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By on December 22, 2015

The festive season is here and as expected, there is a lot of good cheer and merry making going on. Back at our offices, we are working overtime because while everyone else is taking time off work elsewhere, we at Quick Errands are actually gearing up for a busy festive season.

We have stocked up on coffee for the mind, donuts for the tummy and duct tape for the eyes; we shall not go to sleep until everyone is smiling.

A number of phone calls have been coming in the past couple of days and we are delighted to serve our clients and give them reason to smile throughout the festivities. If they are smiling, then we are smiling. Sometimes, you want to make one person smile, other times you want to make more than one person smile. Whatever the case, we cater to all those needs.

One of our clients recently had such an experience where she needed to put a smile on more than one person’s face and she was not too sure how to go about it. Charity called us up wondering whether we could be able to deliver Xmas gifts to her family. When we asked for details of the family, we learnt that she wanted to give three of her favourite aunties hampers and then top it up by giving her mum a hamper as well.

We agreed on the kind of hampers to deliver for each auntie and we started to package their gifts. Then we called them up so we could deliver each of their packages.

When we called the first and second aunties, things went quite smoothly because as it turned out, both aunties stay in Bulange so it was quite easy to drop off each of their hampers without much incident. Both of the aunties were pleasantly surprised that their little girl Charity was thinking about them during the festivities.

One of the aunties even offered us a rather sumptuous meal which we were in no hurry to turn down seeing as she lives in a very wonderful house with some of the finest chairs and pretty China.

After admiring her nice house, we left and headed off to the second auntie’s home – another wonderful house, as we discovered. Her gate was locked and when we knocked, we were welcomed by the sound of a loud barking dog. It seemed so keen to find out who was at the other end of the gate we nearly thought about coming back another time.

After a few minutes of debating which of us would be the one to knock, we heard footsteps and auntie Number 2 emerged.

We all breathed a uniform sigh of relief – at least we had not been devoured by the seemingly mean dog.

She ushered us in and asked us to feel at home, this was before even knowing why we were there – such a hospitable woman.

When we broke the news about who we were and why we had come to see her, auntie number two was overjoyed and stood transfixed for a little while – unable to believe her eyes or ears.

She momentarily shed tears of joy and offered each of us a warm and lengthy hug. By the time we were planning to make off to hunt down auntie number 3 it was clear that auntie number 2 was not about to let us leave. She too offered us some bites.

No one turns down cookies in a beautiful well scented house, NO ONE!

So we stayed a little longer.

When we went to find auntie number three, it was clear to us that this was a generous family. But we had promised not to stay at auntie number 3’s place for long seeing as we had to deliver the final gift hamper to the mother.

On the phone, auntie number three gave us directions to her workplace, unaware that we had a package for her. We located her somewhere on Nkrumah Road and delivered the package. She too was overwhelmed with happiness. We had made a mental note not to spend too long with her lest she too shoves some nice tasting cookies down our throats.

Lucky for us, she seemed to be a little busy so after breaking down because of joy and giving us the customary hugs, she reluctantly got back to work. Requesting that we stay longer but recognizing that we had to leave.

The final package that had to be delivered to the mother was quite a special package. We called her up and came off as customers for her shop in one of the arcades in town. When she gave us clear directions to where she was, we tracked her down and delivered the hamper.

Then all hell broke loose!

The lady first refused to believe that we had been sent by her daughter. She argued a little and then when we placed the phone call to her right in front of her, it began to seem real to her that we had actually been sent by her daughter. Amidst tears of joy and some high pitched screaming, she broke down and wore one of the widest smiles we’d ever seen. She was a happy mother.

Not only had her little girl Charity made her break down and cry tears of joy because of happiness, she had made her sisters happy too. What a joyful start to Christmas for this very generous family!

We would like to wish each and everyone of you a great festive season and no matter what happens, keep wearing those smiles. We are all about smiles 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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