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By on November 30, 2018

When you’re a freelancer in this big beautiful city of Kampala, you have no option but to learn almost every corner of the city. Since you are running away from paying rent for office space, you will most likely find yourself camping in several restaurants, cafes and public work spaces as you try to find the perfect yet temporal work space. The one thing that comes with doing freelance work is that you will find yourself attending a number of events, conferences, symposiums, public dialogues, product launches and other such gatherings. Most of these you will attend out of invite and a few you might just bump into, stumble into or just force your way into for one reason or another.

Over the years I have been in and out of conference halls around this city and the one thing that always grabs my attention is the manner in which some of these conference halls go about their set up. I once attended a conference in a supposedly ‘big hotel’ in town where the conference hall was cleaned and set up an hour after the allocated time that the conference was supposed to have started. Basically there is a whole lot of nonchalance with these conference facilities.

A few weeks ago, while meeting a client at Speke Resort Munyonyo I bumped into an eye opening experience regarding how and where conferences should be held. On this particular day I stumbled upon a conference that had attendees from all over the World. There were discussions about Food Security, Global Hunger, Food Wastage, Nutrition and Healthy Feeding and there was the launch of a new Policy Brief by Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems. Basically, there was a lot of important discussion going on and I felt compelled to take a leisurely stroll around to see how the deliberations were going on.

First, I thought about just hanging about at the very beautful pool but decided to move on

When you get to Speke Resort Munyonyo it is likely that you will spend quite a bit of time thinking about or visiting the rather picturesque view of the lake, the attractive entrance pathway, the magnificent foyer waterfall and its vintage carriage transport accessory, the large yet cozy reception, the elaborately attractive swimming pool, or even the numerous wonderfully set up apartments. You will also be forgiven for spending time at the various well stocked bars, fancy restaurants, dazzling cottage and spa, The glamorous Marina, The friendly Equestrian Center or the romantic Sundowner. Heck, you could even crush a wedding like my friend Olive who ended up experiencing the wedding of a life time.  Or you could just decide to experience Lake Victoria like Evelyn. Perhaps you are the kind of person who is into Equestrian activities in which case Charlotte will elaborately explain to you the awesomeness of horse riding at Munyonyo. However, if you are a life eater like my friend Roland then perhaps you will want to just sit back, relax and rest and recuperate. Or even consider doing what Joel Jemba did which was just enjoy the entire weekend at the Speke Resort. For many people, especially lovers of art, a place is only as good as its art. And like my friend Moses Serugo you could just end up enjoying a sonic weekend at Munyonyo or simply wine and dine like my foodie friend Faith. The point is, there is always a lot for you to see and do at Speke Resort Munyonyo

It took me a bit of a while and several visits to Munyonyo to learn that the most well looked after section of this entire establishment might actually be the conference halls; not the glorious Marina, not the spectacular rooms, not even the fantastic sundowner or fun at the Equestrian Centre, but rather the Conference and Meeting facilities. It surprises me that when you visit many of our lovely Hotels in Uganda, few people pay attention to the Conference facilities and yet they are normally the busiest end of many a Hotel.

When I spent a few nights at Speke Resort Munyonoyo, not so long ago, there was a general desire to do everything like everyone else – visit the Marina, take a boat ride and enjoy long uninterrupted sleep in the fresh warm bedsheets. Eat good food, maybe ride a horse, take some pictures by the water, visit the wellnes center and enjoy several billion dollar views from the property. However, a visit to the conference halls revealed that these guys were onto something bigger than I thought.

Such Glamour!

The entire establishment boasts of over 14 different locations where one can hold a meeting, plan a conference or just get people together in one room where they enjoy the comfort of plush seats, adequate AC, thick floor carpets and superfast WIFI as they stare at each other in absolute silence. The very first of these I entered was Speke Ballroom – named supposedly after John Hanning Speke, who is said to have discovered the source of the Nile. Speke Ballroom is like the mother of all Halls because she (I assume she is female) can hold just about any kind of event. On the day I visited, she had been set up for a huge symposium that would be attended by several Ministers and Members of Parliament – She is that important. Then there is the Victoria Ballroom which turned out to be my favourite because of the view she so much enjoys – she acts as the backdrop for the entire establishment. The Albert Conference Room and Commonwealth Banquet Hall both offer a rather suitable alternative to the first two, with a cozier and more personal feel to them. I was told by the guys in charge that they could be customized to suit any function, event or ceremony.

The Commonwealth Banquet Hall on the other hand, had been set up for a rather high level meeting and I was informed that its purpose was precisely that – to cater to the premium needs of people planning for high profile and secure engagements. It probably gets this status from having ultra modern facilities which is why it was chosen to host the closing session of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2007. When I visited the Royal Palm Hall, it struck me as odd that while the other conference halls were very perfectly functional modern day halls, this one was a little extra because it had state-of-the-art multimedia gadgetry. It had Super fast internet connection and several camera lights set up for highly visual presentations. And so if someone needed to hold an event that was very visual, there would be no need to struggle with setting up because everything would be sorted at the Royal Palm Hall.

I almost rolled on this carpet, like a child 

The Meera & Sheena hall, offers another conducive environment for meetings partly because it has such a cool name but also because it is set up to wow anyone who steps into it. The Acacia, Ebony, Mahogany and Jacaranda Conference Rooms are perfect too, especially because of their fantastic lighting – probably owing to the fact that they are located on the second floor and therefore enjoy a lot of natural lighting.

The Royal Conferene Hall as well as the Majestic & Regal Halls both stand out because of their unique audio fittings that permit for perfection with sound. Kalangala Hall on other hand is big in the Premium circles just as the Royal Club and Emerald Halls. Saphire and Amethyst Hall is very private and intimate but not as much as Sanga Room. Sanda sits no more than 12 people and is perfect for a closed-door meeting with very few individuals. It seemed like the perfect place to hold a secretive high level meeting.

Smart and Executive 

Each of these halls will possess a different personality and is suitable for different event or meeting types. At the end of the day, as you retire to one of the rooms of accommodation, whether it be the Single or Double Deluxe, One Bedroom Suite, Superior or Executive Room, Executive Suite, Presidential Cottage or the Presidential Suite, you can be sure that you will smile, knowing you had a productive day. You can decide which you prefer and make a reservation by looking at the options on offer and deciding which you prefer.

Imagine retiring to this awesomeness after a whole day of conferencing.

And the next time you are planning to have a meeting of any kind with participants of any number, you will most likely consider checking out this tremendous location 12 KM out of Kampala to check out rates and possibly make a reservation as you prepare to experience the most ideal conference and meeting facilities on the shores of Lake Victoria.

“By having good memories on every place you just visit, you are building paradise in your own heart and your life.” ― Toba Beta

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