Emotional Rebirth

By on October 14, 2018

Once upon a time, the world was a quiet, lonely and cold place devoid of emotional expression. People rarely expressed sentiment and those who did were careful about how or to whom they did it. One only ever heard I Love You from one’s parents or from one’s partner, and not too many partners were forthcoming with those three words. Most people really just relied on hearing I Love You in Rom Coms, R&B music and Valentine’s day Cards.

Emotion or expression of any sentiment was a rare occurrence. It seemed like emotion was locked away somewhere at the center of the earth and no one knew how to get there. And even if someone read Jules Verne’s 1864 adventure fiction Journey to the Center of the Earth over and over, one would still be unable to locate emotion. The Universe had given us this powerful weapon but cleverly kept it away from us.

And then came the internet!

The birth of the internet was the beginning of emotional freedom and expression. People who had never veered out of their houses were now able to express themselves to the rest of the world in more ways than they knew how. Everyone suddenly started showing emotion and the whole world became one big bowl of emotional madness. Today when you walk up and down the streets of the internet you will bump into human beings expressing emotion at a rate and pace like never before. The use of vocabulary of endearment is unprecedented and every day that passes, new words are discovered to express emotion and sensitivity. Some people actually get onto the internet for the sole purpose of expressing emotion, even in places where perhaps the last thing they need to express is their emotion.

If you’re navigating the streets of Facebook, you will typically come across several pictures, mostly of innocent little babies unaware that they are being spread around the world wide web. Below these beautiful pictures are chunks of comments from people expressing how much the little rascals look beautiful, dashing and angelic. One or two trolls might volunteer a blunt comment that might not survive for too long before it is either deleted by the owner of the photo or reported to Facebook for one reason or another. Generally people are all over baby pictures like melanin over an African.

When you visit Instagram which is a less family infested place, you will typically see pictures of gorgeous voluptuous women smeared in oil and basking under the sun on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Beneath the picture will be hundreds of comments from people applauding the lighting, skin tone, sexy eyes, complexion and whatever else can be applauded. Generally speaking, people are now openly expressing their sentiment over just about anything.

Sadly, even with all this freedom brought about by the internet, many men are still not forthcoming when it comes to expression of emotion or sentiment. Most of the lovely and heartwarming comments under pictures online come from females. The rest of us men are really just cold hardened sons of guns who feel like expressing emotion is a sign of weakness for which one can easily be punished by losing one’s genitals. It also seems apparent that any man who attempts to express emotion whether on the internet or elsewhere is only setting himself up for ridicule and mockery. Most men will happily bottle up their emotions and pretend like nothing is going on in their lives – that seems easier to do than go around looking like a less-than-macho dude whose personality will very easily be questioned.

The challenge for the modern-day man is striking the balance between being the ‘macho’ individual society expects him to be and being in touch with one’s sensitivity or being the emotionally switched on human being he truly must be. There is no running away from the fact that society conditions men to act like they don’t have emotions. It demands that men bottle up their emotions, extinguish any possible sparks of sensitivity and basically discard any attempts at endearment. Men who openly attempt to express emotion are ridiculed and called all kinds of names – most, far from flattering. And many men have ended up dying alone inside, slowly but very surely because they have been starved of any sensitivity.

Women will easily throw around words of endearment amongst themselves. Those lucky souls! They will refer to each other as girlfriends, wifey, bestie, bff and whatever other endearment words there are. And they will most likely get away with it. They will hug tightly, openly say they miss each other and even scream they are married to each other. Society somewhat permits this kind of stuff.

If a man refers to any of his tight friends as a bestie or husband, courts of public opinion will be called to order and the man thrown in the dock for questioning which may or may not result in castigation and ridicule. The question though is, what the fuck is the problem with two men expressing emotion to one another? There is a school of thought that advances the theory that while many men are holding onto their macho tendencies, albeit blindly, the world is slowly but surely drifting towards acceptance of a new breed of men – those who are in touch with their innerself. And it is why we are seeing more and more metrosexual men (men who know what wine goes with what meal, own several pairs of shoes, own branded underwear, listen to Beyonce and have no problem sending heart emojis via text) and spornosexual men (fellas who hit the gym 5 times a week so they can share their toned good looking bodies online).

Men are now more aware of their sensitivities and it is making the world a better place – at least on some level. These new men are now able to have conversations with females without being sexist idiots.

The truth is not every man is bold enough to be his own self and express himself regardless of the backlash or ridicule that will follow. But the few who are doing it without fear or favour are creating a clear path for the rest of us men who are still stuck in our parochial understandings of what a real man is. Maybe some day two men will openly  refer to each other as ‘boyfriends’ and the world won’t stop to launch an assault on such men. For now though, we shall hide behind the ‘Cool’ and ‘Not Bad’ type of comments.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ― Sigmund Freud

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