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By on April 25, 2015

“One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain”

Everyone at some point in their lives will lie to themselves and others to the point of believing that a certain music genre is their favourite, and I am no exception.  At 14, I was so big on hip hop that I penned a couple of lyrics, did a “Tupac” with bandanas and everything hip hop (insert all the hip hop stereotypes or at least most of them)

That was a long time ago. I was young and stupid at the time…I really hope I won’t be a victim of a drive by. Sorry, that is a stereotype.

See I am really old now and old people like me have their life choices sorted. Your preferred drink, radio station, political party, fave meal, career, music, et al. Yes, I have made up my mind on all these things. The quote earlier is from a song by a band whose lead artiste is long gone but is considered by many as the “King of Reggae”. No prizes for guessing who.

For more than a decade, it has been reggae for me. I got my current job on the reggae ticket.  For four years now, I have run a weekly reggae show. More than a year ago I met a fan of reggae that was also a listener and we have become more than friends in the time we have known each other. We’ve shared music, had a drink together and while it was reggae that made us friends, we share a lot in common. A LOT. One of those things is which part of this “town” we stay. It is because of this that we both go to the same watering point, The Junction bar.

More than a month ago, he suggested to the owner of the bar for there to be a reggae theme night where I would DJ. You see this friend of mine, let us call him “mi friend dem”, is an “influencer” and the proprietor welcomed his suggestion.

The Junction’s crowd is not your average bar crowd. Over there it is very much like a family so while it was a daunting task for me, I know the crowd. It is the kind of crowd that will sit through a set deep in conversation even when their favourite song is blaring through the speakers, but  I have seen them dance on Wednesdays .That is a good sign, right? The reggae night, Catch A Fire Wednesdays, is slowly picking pace partly because of the beer prices (UGX 3000 all night) and I hope partly because of the music. Come through. REAL reggae, cheap beer and an incredible crowd.

My favourite music genre got me both gigs. Looking forward to getting another one soon.  Someone? Anyone?


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