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By on September 16, 2019

Parenting is a nightmare – one that you very rarely wake up from. Nightmares are often bearable because at some point you wake up and swing back into the real world. Parenting is something else, it is a never-ending series of odd jobs with little yet irregular pay.

The day you sire an offspring is usually the day you kiss certain pleasures goodbye. In most cases, parenting requires you to set aside some of your personal dreams just so you can make room for your child’s dreams – something the dictionary defines as sacrifice.

There are several things that the average parent has to grapple with, during this sacrifice, for instance, making sure your child has a constant roof over their head, ensuring that they get the best treatment whenever they are unwell, creating the right friendship circles for your child so they don’t end up a rogue and making sure you yank your little one’s talents out of their hiding place.

The one responsibility that often sends parents running for the hills is education. Getting the right education for your little one is an Olympic sport with few known Gold medalists. Most people are just participants unable to get the gold medal but vying for it nonetheless. Getting the right school is the begining of the trouble. And if you are lucky enough to identify the right school, you will likely spend sleepless nights worrying where the money will come from.

Whenever it is time for the holidays, parents around the country breathe a collective sigh of relief because their little bundles of joy are back home with the family. The joy and laughter bouncing off the walls of the house is priceless, the family dinners, the weekends out with the family – all these make life worthwhile. The noise and confusion that the kids bring with them during the holidays is bearable, if only for a few weeks.

But when the dust settles and the opening of the school term approaches, trouble ensues.

It is rare that the School term will begin on the day people are getting paid. The term usually starts several days after the start or several days before the start and in some cases, right in the middle of the month – a time when poverty is a word in the national anthem. At this time, funds are usually low, demands are going through the roof and yet an education must be secured for the little kids.

The average Ugandan parent will try to buy time from the school by either approaching the bursar, headmaster or whoever can help the parent have their child in school before full fees are paid. For the next few days/weeks, the parent will run around like a headless chicken, trying their best to ensure that their little one does not get thrown out of school or ridiculed for non-payment of fees.

This is usually the part where planning comes into play. Several financial institutions like banks offer parents options for pain killers, morphine and reprieve in form of various facilities to help them deal with the school fees problem.

There are two specifically reliable facilities that many parents tend to opt for nowadays.

One is the dfcu Quick Overdraft facility. The fact is that some schools really aren’t willing to listen to requests for extension of time for school fees payment. In the event that the school term begins midway the month and your salary is still far off, this overdraft comes in handy. It works in such a way that you are able to access funds even before the day you will officially get paid. Schools might not wait for you to receive your salary at the end of the month and the bank understands that. They advance you up to 70% of your salary within 12 hours of your request for it. All one has to do is have a Copy of Driver’s License/National ID or Passport, a Copy of appointment letter or contract, Most recent pay slips, Work Permit (if foreign National) and a Financial card. This facility is open to all customers with dfcu salary current accounts

Another facility that parents might want to consider is the dfcu EduSure facility. This one, a collaboration between dfcu and Prudential Uganda, works well for parents who don’t want to be bothered in the future with struggling for school fees. The plan is to start saving now so that when the time to put your child through school comes, you are covered. All you have to do is pay anything from as low as UGX 100,000 per month and your child’s education will be sorted. You can save with this facility for any period of time between Five years to Twenty years. Of course you would have to pass by a dfcu branch to fill out the Edu Sure form and a standing order form along with acceptable IDs before accessing it. Unexpected eventualities like death of a guardian would be nothing to worry about because the education would be secured.

There are several other facilities that dfcu provides for parents hoping to fix their school fees problems once and for all. All one has to do is approach the bank and ask as many tough questions as they have and they will be able to get the right solutions. The first and most important step is to get in touch with the bank by sending an email to to request for more information.

The ugly truth is parenting often takes a toll on anyone but with the right solutions, it is possible to sire children and not feel like you want to throw them away to charity or donate them to a travelling circus.

“No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education.”― Plato

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