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By on March 27, 2018

Not so long ago, a colleague of mine named Tracy was hounding me about her new mobile phone. She was doing everything in her power to remind me of the fact that she had a new gadget that could do a little more than the average smart phone. As a person who loves my gadgets, I never let anyone shove anything down my throat unless I take some time to sample it myself. As a matter of fact, if someone tells me a certain gadget or device is awesome, I will go out of my way to try it out for myself.

And so I embarked on a proper hunt for the truth. I wanted to find out for myself whether Jackie’s new device was anything to write home about.

The device in question is a TECNO Camon CM which, from what Jackie kept insisting is one of the newer offerings form TECNO. It is one of those new devices with the attractive full screen display. This means that when you take pictures, you are going to enjoy the full length of the phone screen to view and adjust your focus accordingly. The device has thinner bezels and boasts of some fine picture taking abilities. It is loaded with 5.7″ 720p Full Display along with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage to go with it. This of course can be increased to 128 GB using an Micro SD Card.

The CM is equally designed with a 13MP front and rear camera together with a MediaTek MT6737 and a quad-core processor. For anyone looking to invest in a device that will deliver quality shots, this does not seem like a bad one to try. Most phones come with the ordinary 16:9 screen ratio but this one has a whooping 18:9 aspect ratio which sets it a class apart from most smart phones. The device is quite slim – as are most decent phones nowadays and it is no more than 7.75 mm and this means that you can very easily slide it into your pockets. Which means you also have to be careful when carrying it around because it can easily slide into the chairs at the neighbour’s house.

The Camon CM also has a fingerprint scanner a the back with which one can set passwords and ensure security. It also has a 3000 mAh battery and functiosn with  Android 7.0 and HiOS.

In regards to the sound element, which is usually my area of interest, the device does not seem to perform too badly except of course I would have loved for it to have some mind blowing ear phones to come along with it. Most times when I purchase a mobile phone, the first accessory I have to buy would be a pair of cool ear phones. I love my music and so I have to make sure I have the right accessories for this.

Attempting to compare the TECNO Camon CM with other phones is not a bad thing because it helps you to somewhat have a proper feel of what you are getting yourself. One will however realise that this little device is built to be a step ahead of most smart phones. There is a tendency for many smart phones today to have great attributes in one area and horrible attributes in another. For instance a typical smartphone will have a brilliant camera and horrible battery life. Or it will have great battery life and worthless network reception. The Camon CM seems to have a bit of everything in moderation. And while it may be so that the camera abilities of this device are probably its greatest asset, the rest of its attributes are something to write home about.

As is usually the case when Jackie and I finally agree on something (which is very rare) we head out for a drink, take some photos and promise to increase the stakes for the next argument. For now, She and I agree that the TECNO Camon CM is a fine device after all.

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