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By on January 14, 2016

Now that the New Year is officially underway and all the blues of festive celebration have died out, we get the feeling life is slowly returning to normalcy. Things like Christmas festivities, Easter celebrations and Eid Celebrations do not happen every day. However, the one thing that happens all year round is LOVE.

We get several calls from clients looking to share and spread their love to people from far and near, after all; that is our business – spreading love.

Very recently, we got a call from someone called Flora. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend with something sweet so she figured it would be nice for her to get in touch with us and inquire what we could do for her in the way of making her boyfriend smile.

Seeing as she had an idea about what her boyfriend liked, she made our work easy by picking out the specific flowers, exact chocolate and perfect card that would put a smile on her boyfriend’s face.

Not many men are big fans of chocolate, flowers or cards for that matter. But Flora’s boyfriend was and is a special one. The kind of boyfriend who is romantic, loving and extremely sensitive. As such, Flora thought it wise to get her boyfriend something that would make him extremely happy.

So she made the selection of items and once we were done packaging, we made off to look for the lucky guy.

We found the lucky guy in Ntinda, busy as hell. At first when he saw us, he seemed unbothered, unaware that we had a huge surprise for him. Once we told him who we were and why we were there, he stood motionless for a few minutes. Once again, men are not the most expressive human beings but this guy was something else.

He was overjoyed to learn that his thoughtful girlfriend had planned everything. According to him (and generally according to most poeple) it is the guys who go out of their way to do such nice things for their ladies. For a lady to do something as nice as that, there has got to be some real serious case of love going on.

And a serious case of love it was.

After we made the delivery, we were anxious to pick his mind about the whole thing. The lucky guy opened up to us and told us he had never felt so loved. He went ahead to tell us that he and his girl had been together for some time and they had done nice things for each other but this was on top of the list.

Clearly, this couple was so smitten with each other – just the kind of stuff we love to see.

Love is the one thing that will go around every day of the year. Make it count for you and those you love. Make them smile.

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