Adolescent Dilemma (Day 6)

By on August 16, 2016

When in school, there are several taboos that you are told about every day you step into the classroom. You are told to never talk back to a teacher, you are taught to never come late to class, you are told to never come to class in jeans but the most of all, you are told to never get involved with a person of the opposite sex.

As soon as a boy / girl begins to slide into the adolescence stage of their life, there is usually an alarm bell that is signaled for the rest of the world. This bell usually helps the world to know how to control you because suddenly you become uncontrollable. It also helps the world to figure out how to communicate and basically live with you because you tend to become a whole new individual. And therefore one of the biggest lessons you are taught in school is to never get involved with a person of the opposite sex.

Of course with the stubbornness that mother nature wields, there are instances where she simply ignores what everyone is saying and throws these strange emotions your way with the greatest thrust. At such a point, you can neither turn to your parents nor your teachers. Your parents will probably parade you before the entire clan, castigate you and top it up by burning you on a stake. Your teachers on the other hand will keep referring to you to spice up their lessons and you will become the laughing stock of the class – which if you are extremely unfortunate, might be the same class that the girl who gives you butterflies is in.

It is therefore in your best interests to stay as far away from relationships as possible when in school.

The strange things is that while your parents and teachers connive to make you think relationships are from hell, when you blossom into a fine young man/woman, you learn that relationships are actually quite worthwhile. All human beings are born of relationships … of some kind. Why then must teachers and parents demonize this otherwise awesome thing.

And then you learn that perhaps it was because you were too young to get into relationships. So you forgive them – they were protecting you.

And yet here you are; old as they come but totally clueless about relationships. You have never been in one and you certainly are not the biggest fan of them but somehow your insides are yearning for something you can not even explain. Yes, you are young, but your heart and loins are on fire! And when this happens, your parents and teachers will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the demands of your now maturing self. They will leave you to deal with things on your own.

While your parents expect your teachers to teach you these lessons, your teachers will expect that your parents have that department covered. And therefore you will turn to the only place that you can find solace and not be judged – your friends. Unfortunately for you, most of these will be as clueless as you are and many of them will even intentionally give you wrong advice for the fun of it. But their advice is all you have. And so you take on it like Gospel truth.

Much later when you have been bruised left right and center, hear broken here and there, trampled on and generally a shadow of the person you once were, you discover that perhaps you are on your own after all. Your parents and/or teachers did not help you at all in that department. They left you out to dry. You were an uninformed and innocent person in the field of understanding the opposite sex and after leaving school, you will be just as uninformed although perhaps not as innocent.

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“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” ― Albert Einstein

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