A Year of Awesomeness

By on March 31, 2014

The Beginning 

On 25th March last year my very first Monday Blog ‘A little trick about how to spend Monday’ went live on wordpress. I remember I wrote it because very many people often complain about how Mondays are terrible and how the devil owns Monday while the rest of the days belong to God. I therefore ventured into helping God re-possess Mondays by giving people something to look forward to. I know that God needs no help, I just volunteered it. Also, back then I had plenty of access to cheap and fast internet; plus I had just acquired a brand new laptop. In the weeks that followed, the Monday Blog tradition got a hold of me and like a demon with an insatiable appetite it rendered me hooked. For a year now, I have never skipped a Monday without updating this Blog. Even the Monday when I lost a friend, the Monday when I was worn out from a weekend of intensive travel, the Monday when my laptop got messed up, the Monday when I was too broke to afford a fresh internet package – every bloody Monday! And I pride myself in the fact that I hope to carry on with the tradition for as long as I can possibly manage.

MondayEver since 25th March 2013, my Mondays have never really been the same  

Humps and Bumps

For the entire year I have been blogging, there are several things that have happened along the way. Some are awesome and deserve no less than a framed photo hanged up somewhere in my non-existent personal office. However, there are some that have made me second guess and almost doubt the decision to carry on with the Monday Blogs. Usually after the blog has gone live, I share it with as many people as I possibly can. However, not everyone is as impressed or even remotely interested in the blog. On a number of occasions some folks have asked me to stop tagging them for various reasons and I have duly obliged. Other times, the blog comes a few hours late and I receive a truckload of insults about how and why I am a disappointment. Once or twice, someone has pointed out a grammatical error and blamed it on a poor education background despite the fact that I like to think I had a fairly good education and my English and grammar are not exactly the worst. All these comments, attacks, bombs and criticisms, I have taken quite graciously. I might have responded with vile language to one or two people which I am sorry about but overall I have been very welcoming to comments and observations.


Sometimes the responses feel like physical attacks 

Recognition and applause

Fortunately, I have been able to see some good come of this blogging. For starters, I have been recognized by a few people here and there, naming and referring to this blog as a blog of worthy substance. If your name appears once or twice on AlJazeera and BBC along with a few local media channels, you have the courage to carry on with the Monday Blog. There might even be a little moment of celebration where you lock yourself up in a room and dance like a disabled person who just regained the use of their legs. Also, if along the way you win a few accolades and awards for your blogging, you may not be too downcast that some people say the blog is boring or a waste of people’s time. The most humbling thing though, is the thumbs up you occasionally get from readers telling you to keep up the consistency and creativity. It not only gives encouragement but also makes you think that maybe this whole Monday awesomeness thing is not a waste of time.

SMAOne of those surreal moments when I received one such award

Extreme Appreciation

Today’s blog post has no humour, jokes or made up stories of the life I have never lived. It has nothing about lost virginity, death threats, adoration of Jessica Alba, New Year resolutions, love for music, babysitting escapades or wrong relationship advice. Today’s blog post is just about (and for) appreciation and gratitude. I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the continued delivery of the Monday Awesomeness. I would like to thank my internet service provider (who will not be named lest someone thinks they are providing me with free internet). I would specifically like to thank all the readers of this blog. If it has fallen short of your expectations at any time, I take full blame and for that I am forever trying to improve my game. I hope that on the days it has not fallen short you have been able to read, smile and share with a friend. I would like to thank everyone who has shared it on any platform; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and so many others. You are the reason I keep getting emails from people all around the world wondering why what this Monday Awesomeness is all about. I also want to thank the people (both real and imaginary) that I meet every other day; the people whose lives I pick stories from. You are my inspiration – literally. Finally I thank the Government; seriously. What if I woke up one day and the Government decreed that Blogging is a crime punishable by jail time? So far that hasn’t happened so I am thankful to the Government for that.


A big thank you to everyone who reads this blog

Next Monday, regular programming will resume with the madness, confusion and awesomeness that comes with the Monday Blog. I just wanted to take a moment to make it known that this Monday Blog has gotten bigger than I expected. And for that reason, I would rather miss my own funeral than let a Monday come and go minus a Blog going up.

See you next Monday.

Oh, before I go … your traditional quote shall not be forgotten. This one is from me.

“There is no sensible quote for today” – Beewol: Blogger, Radio Presenter, Social Media Enthusiast, Rock Music Lover and Jessica Alba’s Toy boy.

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  • Not much to say, either, just suggesting that you dedicate the whole of next Monday’s blog to saying a special thank you to me. Just me, and for no particular reason.

    • Sounds like a plan. Let me pen that into my to-do list Sir Arthur. Thank you for supporting me all this while. You are one of the most ardent readers of this blog. One would think I bribed you … 😉

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  • Gundi nga tusomye monday blog. You need to boune it into something even greater now, I will leave the thinking part to you though

    • Hhhhmmm. I like how you are thinking. Senga you share ko with me the ideas you have …

  • Good job Bernard (or as some would say, Well done). One year of Mondays! You’ve done well.

  • Good job mate. But it’s already coming to 5 and I’m not seeing anything up yet. Yup! I didn’t miss that part.

    • Nowadays Mondays are terrible! But I try as much as I can to keep it within Monday