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By on October 7, 2016

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who love to go the gym and sweat themselves into fine healthy individuals, careful to eat the right things, live the perfect lifestyle and basically pursue organized meaningful lives. Then there is second lot, which is not entirely bothered what happens in the gym or health club because they never really step there anyway. Their claim to being healthy is the yearly Charity Marathon in their city and two or three occasional jogging spells spread across six months and inspired by a gorgeous new neighbour who jogs religiously.

I belong to this second category of people and I know deep down that the gods of health look at me and shake their heads in disgust. The only healthy thing I do is the occasional football game with a few equally unhealthy and extremely unfit friends once every fortnight.

Therefore whenever I travel and check into a Hotel, the Spa and Health Club are not really places where I will be found. However, my recent visit to Nairobi had me try out the Spa and Health Club at the Hotel I was staying. If not because I wanted to be healthy but because I had heard that the Maisha Health Club and Spa at Nairobi Serena Hotel had recently won some accolades at the World Luxury Spa Awards and therefore I needed to understand what was  / is so special about this place anyway.

Getting to Maisha Health Club and Spa

For beginners, the Maisha Health Club and Spa at Nairobi Serena Hotel is a strange place. I call it strange because the moment you walk in to the reception, you get the feeling that you are about to experience some uncommon stuff. I walked in to the reception with my ear phones plugged in and jamming to some Five Finger Death Punch music and right in that moment, I felt like I was already angering the gods of health. So I gently stopped my music, turned the phone off and smiled at the lady at the reception.

Most people who go to a Spa or Health Club sort of know what they are there for. The majority are actually regulars so they will go straight to indulge in what brought them there. I had no idea what I wanted so I just asked the lady to take me through what was on offer at the location.

After having a fairly lengthy conversation with the lady, we agreed that I would first take a quick tour of the place before finally deciding what I would settle for. The Maisha Health Club and Spa is located right next to the spacious 25-meter outdoor pool that is elaborately set up to have the sub-deck as well as café service.

When you walk into the reception, the first thing that you will see is the artistic nature of the reception, with mystical artwork, accolades and International Awards that have been scooped over the  years by the Spa.

You will most likely be met by someone at the reception who will smile and ask if they can help you. Right in that moment, you will begin to feel the peace, calm, tranquility and serenity that awaits you.

The Gym & Studio

Our tour started off with the uniquely hi-tech fitness center and gym. There were folks sweating here and there and they seemed unbothered by our entrance. I too pretended to not be bothered by their presence but it was clear that their well chiseled bodies and toned muscles had dealt my scared ego a little blow. I noticed several cardiovascular and weight training machines as well as a number of treadmills, some step machines, a number of cardio bikes, and a whole lot of weights.

dsc_1800The cardio bikes I was being convinced to try out 

This was a place I was definitely going to avoid. I don’t like weights and I absolutely do not like anything strenuous.

I was however interested in the Aerobic studio which offered class and work out sessions in step aerobics, ‘body stretch and sculpture’, ‘Astanga Vinyasa’, ‘Tai Chi’, Hatha’ yoga, spinning, Aero tone and cardiovascular, salsa, kick boxing as well as dance.

Now that was something! Perhaps I would come back for this.

I had a quick word with one of the trainers who smiled and told me he hoped I would eventually come back to go through a few simple ‘beginner’ routines at the gym. I smiled and shook his hand. But I knew I wasn’t coming back unless I was coming back for some dance routines.

The Spa

We then went to what I learnt was the Spa area, I was introduced to perhaps the most exquisite and peaceful location on the entire facility. It features different treatment suites, each fully equipped with their own private bathroom as well as rain shower facility.

dsc_1847-1The heavenly corridor to the spa treatment rooms

While marveling at the uniquely adjusted serene lighting, I was given a list of massages from which to choose and in all honesty, I was not too sure which was which but some of them included the Thai Massage, the simple relaxation massage, the Balinese Massage, the pregnancy massage, the Maisha Fusion Massage, the Warm Stone Massage, the Essence Aromatic Massage, the four handed massage, Reflexology, as well as Shiatsu Massage, herbal compress and the sports massage among others.

dsc_1903Lay down and relax. Forget your worries.

In addition, I was told that if I needed facial care, there were over six different options from which I could choose and I was told about bath rituals, treatment enhancers and hydrotherapy as well as the hair dresser and beauty salon sections. Then of course there was the Spa Boutique where I could choose between hair care and therapeutic products, swimming costumes, OPI nail care, Clarins Make up and several other options.

By now, it was certain that this was an elaborate attempt to get me to be part of the spa experience.

The Jacuzzi, Steam Room and Juice Bar

Quite naturally, I had already been blown away by what I had already seen and even though I knew I could not possibly enjoy all these things at one go, I was still keen to find out what the Jacuzzi and steam room or Sauna had to offer, in case I wanted to come back here or drag a friend along nex time.

There were a couple of people in there, peacefully trying to stay healthy and smiling while at it. I noticed the Jacuzzi seemed like it had specially been made to wash off whatever worries and troubles anyone had and right in that moment, I knew that it had been made for me. Seeing as I was just sightseeing, I had to be convinced not to throw off my clothes and step right into the thing.

Apparently I had to book and make reservations.

The steam room also offered what the lady told me was ‘an escape from the stress, strain and tension that the body is subjected to.’ Whether it was the neat white towels, the peacful lights or just the well mopped floor, there was a general feeling that the Maisha spa was designed to give someone as much escape from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life as possible with neatness, tidiness; the place was simply spick and span.

I was only taking  a quick tour but already I was feeling overly redeemed from my ordinary quick dash life.


The lady at the reception who was kind enough to take me around

As I made my way back to my hotel room to finally decide what I would go for the next day, it was certain to me that I might not be the biggest health freak and neither might I be a friend to Spas, Health clubs, gyms and whatnot but perhaps the Maisha Health Club and Spa was not a bad place to begin my transformation.

I was definitely coming back the next day. Maisha and I had a date.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha

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All Photos were taken by my Kenyan friend ebulani who takes some of the most glorious and mind blowing pictures I have ever seen. You can see more of her wonderful work here

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