2014 Recollection

By on December 29, 2014

At the end of each year there are traditional things that every likes to do. Some love to review the year that was and hope for a better year that will be. Others just like to sort of ignore all the bad things that might have happened in the year ending and focus on the memorable things that happened in the year. At the end of last year I put up a Blog Post titled ‘Big Plans for 2014’ with a massive sense of anticipation and optimism. Of course I set the bar a little high but I somewhat am thankful that I did because this year I really did push myself to the limit.


I did away with the excuses

I have been blogging for a while now and I’d like to think that even if I am not the finest blogger out there I have a near addiction to the practice. This year I have been lucky to have the readership for my Blog increase and I have also had the chance to be able to encourage a few other people to join the Blogosphere.

As someone who traditionally updates this Blog Post on a weekly basis, I have been faced with a bunch of challenges that have nearly made me rethink my strategy. However, I have somewhat had to overcome these challenges with or without encouraging words from those around me. When you set out to do something and the people around you expect no less, it begins to become a responsibility that you willingly shoulder no matter what happens. There were instances this year when I thought I would skip posting on at least one or two weeks. There were moments when I felt like I should let the whole posting-every-week thing rest and probably post once in two weeks or even one a month. However, I did manage to hold onto my resolve and keep up the weekly posts; which in all honesty is no mean feat.

High-five-with-myself-gifHere’s to me

This year, I have realised with extreme joy and profound encouragement that a number of people have taken to blogging. While I am one who loves updating my Blog every week, I also love to get lost in other people’s blogs. I love to read other people’s writings and this past year has seen me get lost more often than not. True, some Blog posts could do with some proofreading and others could do with fact checking but overall, the enthusiasm for Blogging in 2014 has been quite fantastic. It is a good thing to know that a number of Ugandans are sharing their experiences and opinions through Blogging. It warms my heart to see a number Ugandans take to Blogging because then it means we shall have more readers, I think.


Let’s all Blog; shall we? 

When I started out Blogging a few years back, I did it with the understanding that someday one or two people would take to Blogging too because of the inspiration they drew from my own experience. In 2014 a number of individuals intimated that they too had taken to Blogging because they always felt they had the talent but just needed some kind of pushing here and there. If my own consistency challenges and urges another person to regularly update their blog, I feel honoured and thankful that after all, my blogging is not going to waste.

This Blog might not be the most insightful, it may lack in humour and heck, it may occasionally be utterly meaningless but I am thankful because it gives me a sense of responsibility, duty and it makes me feel alive. Oftentimes, I am up to my neck in  duties and responsibilities where I work so much that Monday comes around and I can barely get a second for myself or the blog for that matter. Despite this, I have still been able to put up a blog every week without feeling aggreived. I have often had the dream that if a week passed by and I did not update this Blog, the world would stop spinning – not everyone else’s world; just mine. Many of the experiences I have had this year have somewhat ended up in this Blog Post either inferred or directly reported. While some people are addicted to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or keeping journals, I am addicted to Blogging. And for quite honestly I can confidently say that the addiction is not about to end anytime soon.

As already mentioned, my last blog post last year was titled ‘Big Plans for 2014’ and in that blog post I mentioned a few interesting things I had lined up for 2014. This time round, I have no big plans for 2015. However, I am sure that I will still be interested in staying alive, making a little more money and winning over a few more people to the Blogging world.

I shall therefore take this moment to wish everyone who has read this Blog this year a wonderful start to the new year and a blessed resolution-making January. I shall be looking forward to pushing the limits even further in 2015 and imprinting my name on the minds of anyone who reads this blog.

word cloud for year 2015

Happy 2015

Thank you for being such awesome readers.

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  • Don’t call me muzungu if you’re an adult

    May 2015 be filled with joy and then some x

    • Right back at you Muzungu 🙂

      • Don’t call me muzungu if you’re an adult

        my long luscious sweet scented glorious curls thank you x

  • Tasha_Tboo

    Nice , i always enjoy reading your blogs ..happy new year 2015